Everyone needs a treat from time and time and I’m not talking about tricks or treats but instead the type of treat that reminds you of a childhood moment or warms your insides with love as you eat it.  Even when eating no gluten or sugar or yes even dairy you can still find treats.  Granted they sometimes don’t taste great and therefore aren’t worth it but I have found a treat well worth the effort.

I got it from a great website full of gluten-free paleo friendly recipes. Click here for all the details and truly enjoy.  http://beta.primal-palate.com/recipe/chocolate-chip-cookies/

Just from the link you can already tell they are chocolate-chip-cookies and they are dynamite.  Yesterday afternoon my husband and I wanted a really homey type treat so I started researching and found theses.  We have tried many dessert type recipes that were complete failures so we don’t get to excited nor do we expect much when tinkering around with gluten-free, sugar free, dairy free recipes but this was different.

As I am making the batter it looks like real cookie dough batter and that is the first step. The cooking time was right on and when I took the cookie sheet out of the oven my husband actually said I was smiling at my own cookies. Looking like cookies is a good sign but they still have to taste like cookies and I would rather it not be bland and taste-less.  These little morsels were marvelous and although I would recommend letting them cool because they fall apart when they are too warm we didn’t wait. We dug right in. 

A little coconut milk for dunking and you have one incredible sweet treat.  This is not an indulgent we do often but even the most disciplined need to splurge and enjoy treats every once in a while.  I no longer get cravings when I see the donuts at work or the cupcakes and candy waiting to be eaten by anyone who wants them but I still miss my ice-cream and if I make a good treat I enjoy it.  I knew we needed a treat when my husband said a box of donuts at his work looked good.  He never ate donuts before therefore I realized that he was too deprived since he loves ice-cream and pie and has had none in over 2 months.  He had cookies yesterday and I found an almond crust for pies so I can make him a gluten-free, sugar free, dairy free apple pie which will make him very happy and keep him from thinking about a stale box of donuts.  Note to self, do not deprive to the point of seeing goodness in crap!!!


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