In my Cross fit training session we did an entire workout on the BOSU Ball.  I learned that BOSU stands for “Both Sides Up” therefore we used both sides.  In case you aren’t completely familiar with a Bosu they are found in most gyms and have a flat black bottom with rounded blue squishy ball top.  However, the flat black can also be the top and squishy blue can be the bottom.  This type of equipment is so good for balance and really working the core.  If you try this piece of equipment and can’t get it right away don’t worry it takes time to establish balance and core strength but now is a good time to start.  Even with all the yoga I do and balance postures I felt unstable on the Bosu but what it shows me is where I need to develop more muscle.  My core is fairly strong but when it is used non-stop for 30 minutes I felt it the next day.

There are so many different workouts you can use with the Bosu but I’ll give you an idea of what we did and it was truly a full body workout.  We started with Bosu Burpees.  I know what you are thinking, she doesn’t like regular burpees never mind using a Bosu, and you would be 100% correct but somehow I felt strong doing the Bosu ones. Maybe it wasn’t so bad because she only made us do 2 sets of 12 reps each and it seemed pretty reasonable. Using the flat part of the Bosu as the top you hold the handles kick out into push-up form and lower, raise back to standing and lift the Bosu over your head for 1 full Bosu Burpee.  We moved on to Bosu squats again using the flat part as the top, you climb on top but this is very unstable so hold on to a wall until you are strong enough to just step up on the Bosu.  Do regular squats holding your abs in as tight as possible since you will be shaking all over the place.  This one was very fun once I got the hang of it and I could feel my abs working.

Next we did crunches both forward and side by lying on the rounded part of the Bosu and crunching lifting one leg at a time and then other.  On the side you lay on your side and crunch up with your arms over your head. If that isn’t enough core work we did toe touches on the Bosu which is standing on the rounded part with one foot in the middle of the Bosu or the sweet spot and putting your other foot toe out in front. Move the toe to the back of the Bosu and repeat back to the front.  This is balance challenging so the first round can seem frustrating but once you get it you feel your core engage and it becomes a little bit easier.  Finally we did a Bosu 360 hop which is standing on the rounded part and hop all the way around and back again for 1 rep.  This works every muscle in your body as well as your balance. Do each exercise 12 reps for 2 sets or 3 sets if you still have time in your 30 minute session and see how your body feels. It is amazing.

These types of functional fitness are great for those of us that in winter climates and have the tendency to slip and slide on ice if we are not careful.  I’m not saying I won’t fall but finding balance in unstable situations certainly help and building strength just make it that much better in case we do fall that perhaps we won’t break anything.  I ended up falling on the ice last winter because I couldn’t catch myself but I didn’t hurt myself either.  We have to be aware of these types of situations and building strength and balance will only help.


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