Sorry to say I still have MCTD.  I didn’t really think that only a few weeks would cure me but a girl can hope can’t she?  Last night when I arrived home after a long fatiguing day I saw that my test results were waiting for me. Talk about fast, I had just seen the doctor at 9am the day before but I knew he would be rushing them through.  Little did I know that the page would arrive the very next day.  No notes from the doctor however so it is a good thing I know how to read these results. 

When you have blood drawn every 4 months looking at the same levels each and every time you tend to learn these abstract looking numbers and make sense of them. If you are new to reading your blood tests than sit down with your rheumatologist and make sure you understand what you are seeing and reading before you have them sent to you.  When the numbers are the same time and time again there was really no reason for me to have each and every result mailed to my home but this particular result sheet meant something to me.

So what did it say? No changes honestly, my GRAN% is still high meaning that my immune system is fighting something which is my MCTD.  My other levels were the same so unfortunately I still have high levels of inflammation and my Creatinine was high which means that my kidneys are swollen which is a result of the MCTD as well but they still function just fine.  I didn’t get my wish today of being cured but I’m not 155 days without a flare, I feel much better than ever before, I have more energy and not fighting waves of fatigue nearly as before, my hands are not swollen and sore on a daily basis, I’m sleeping better, my strength is increased, and my outlook is on the future is bright.

Maybe at my next appointment I’ll get different results.  I am not saying better results because how can I measure better? I want to see a difference somewhere in the numbers so I have another 4 months to try and see what I can do.  Maybe being stronger will help.  Maybe doing the autoimmune protocol will help make the change.  This is why I do what I do, this is what gets me up and motivated every day, in the hopes of change.


2 thoughts on “MCTD RESULTS

  1. Exceptionally Brash October 19, 2012 at 2:30 am Reply

    hey, I just found your blog, but I used to have a diagnosis of UCTD/Lupus/Sjogren’s and now I don’t. I had dramatic changes after a couple of months on low carb, and then even better results on Robb Wolf/epi-paleo and a year of upping my vitamin D.

    • mevsmctd October 19, 2012 at 2:31 pm Reply

      That is wonderful news for you, I hope your new diagnosis sticks with you for the long term. I have done some research on Jack Kruse’s EPI Paleo but will need to look into further. Thank you for sharing your story


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