Yesterday I met with my Rheumatologist and for 9 years this doctor has been a supporter of mine and understands that I’m constantly trying to figure out this life with MCTD.  I don’t live my life as though I’m sick I just know that I have this autoimmune disease but every day I get up and try to better myself physically, mentally, emotionally with lots of love and support from my husband and family.  My doctor is well aware of my support group at home and understands that when I want a prescription for my “Voodoo PT” he is on board.  When I wanted to train for road races and Triathlons he was on board.  Most of his patients walk into his office sick and tired but not sick of being sick and tired so I understand that when I walk in his whole perspective has to change.  Even with fatigue I bring a certain energy which also gives him a bit of pick me up in the midst of a rather sullen day.  We have many talks about me not over doing it but for the most part he has always supported my decisions.

When he walked into the office and saw me he asked how I was doing and I told him I had not had a flare since early May and that I was feeling really good.  He could tell I had a lot to tell him so he said tell me what’s going on and what you are up to.  I explained that I had made a major change in my life and that I started the Paleo diet.  He had not heard of this so his notebook and pen came right out to take notes. I told him I was not eating grains and he said no grains at all? No rice? No oatmeal? No quinoa? I said no grains, legumes or dairy. He asked what I was eating and I said meats, nuts, seeds, vegetables and some fruit.  He said that doesn’t sound like a lot of food so what did you have for breakfast.  I explained my egg, bacon, roasted peppers, and mushroom with cabbage breakfast to him.

He then said that if anyone else other than me had walked into his office with this information he would try and talk them out of it.  I explained that I had other blood work come back and what my numbers were and that took some of the skepticism out for him but that he really wasn’t sure this was the best idea.  He also said that over the past 9 years I have made myself my own human experiment and understands my desire to do all I can so we will support this as well.  He then asked me what I wanted and what my goal was.  My goal is now and has always been to someday walk into his office and have him say I no longer have MCTD.  I do everything and try everything to reach that goal.  If I’m stronger, healthier, wiser, more educated on health and nutrition perhaps someday I will find the answers I’m searching for.  Is this the end all be all, I doubt it because I am a work in progress. I’m disciplined enough to give anything I try 100% effort until it no longer works and try something else.

I want him on my “hope bandwagon” and he said ok. I’m behind you and I’ll track your numbers and see what happens.  I’m hoping to get my numbers back from him fairly quickly because he himself is curious as to what they will read and perhaps he will push them through the system for me. Until then I will keep feeling good, energized, and eat my bacon.


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