I need validation when things are working and although I can feel when things are working sometimes having the numbers is better for me.  As you have been reading I have made an entire diet change which consists of nearly 60-70% fat, 20-25 protein and 5-10% carbs (only vegetables and some fruits).  I have eliminated 100% of grains and legumes and about 90% dairy.  My splurge if I feel like I need one is typically dark chocolate at 72% or higher or a little bit of cheese.  These are not consumed daily or even weekly but they are in my diet when I want them and I use them as my “treat.”

We live in a world that says eating low fat and less animal meats is important.  We hear all the time about the benefits of beans, oatmeal, quinoa and brown rice.  The life my husband and I are living is very foreign to almost everyone in our lives, actually let me adjust that statement; it is foreign to everyone in our lives.  We surround ourselves with knowledge from books, podcasts, articles, blogs, and other sources we can find on the internet to help us keep our heads about what we are doing.  We had to change our brains and although it is novel to eat bacon and eggs with avocado each morning for breakfast this is not the norm and I get strange looks at work.  My husband eats his breakfast at home and never discusses his eating habits at work.  This is the difference between men and women.  Women want to know!

I don’t have a science back ground but I have done enough research to know that numbers don’t lie and therefore I had my numbers checked.  The last time I had my cholesterol and fasting blood sugar tested was in June.  I tinkered all summer with the idea of changing my diet and did it in stages but got serious about in September.  It has been 6 weeks since my serious date and the date I had my blood work done.  My Triglycerides dropped 20 points, my LDL dropped 8 points and my HDL increased 8 points.  My fasting blood sugar is way normal but it was in June too so no significant change except that I haven’t gotten myself out of whack.

I see my Rheumatologist next and those are the numbers I really care about.  I am interested in seeing my inflammation has decreased and how my C reactive protein count looks.  I highly doubt he’ll say in this appointment that I have cured myself but even if my numbers are a bit lower I’ll take that as success. Until then I’ll keep doing what I’m doing and at least know I’m not doing any damage according to my results.  I have to have them checked again for insurance purposes in 5 weeks so we’ll see if there have been any changes in HDL and LDL 5 weeks from now.


2 thoughts on “BLOOD WORK

  1. Congrats on the success. I have been on the paleo diet for over a year now and love it too. I just got my blood work done this morning for my physical. I am excited to see the results.

    • mevsmctd October 11, 2012 at 6:48 pm Reply

      Although I know it isn’t all about the numbers it was reassuring to a huge extent to get the validation. Hope you find the same success.

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