This morning in our cross fit training session we discussed the differences between HIT, HIIT, and a new one for me HIIRT.  In our current cross fit sessions we are either using the HIIT or HIIRT method. HIT stands for High Intensity Training. This is used a lot in the bodybuilding community and typically done with the idea that you do one all out set per exercise or one set to complete muscle failure of each exercise. We don’t currently use this type of training in our cross fit sessions but I can see incorporating a full body weight training day into my routine using this method.

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and used to incorporate cardio into your routine.  This can be used with sprinting; you can run at a normal speed and then bump up to your max speed for a short time and drop back to normal running.  Also Tabata training is considered HIIT which is doing an exercise for 20 seconds to your max and then resting 10 seconds.  This is typically achieved in 4 minute rounds and a total of 8 rounds so your session is done in 32 minutes.  I really enjoy the Tabata method and we use this quite a bit in our cross fit sessions.

HIIRT stands for High Intensity Interval Resistance Training.  We have started incorporating this method into our cross fit sessions and although this keeps the heart rate high it is a great way to see the strength increase in individuals quickly.  I also use this method on my off days when I’m working out by myself but doing the cross fit type exercise of 30 minutes all out work and done after the 30 minutes is up.  A good one for me to do on my own is Jillian Michael’s shred because she incorporates 3 minutes of resistance training, 2 minutes of cardio, and 1 minute of abs with a total of 3 rounds.  With the warm up and brief cool-down I’m done in about 20 minutes and throw in another 10 of something else as long as I haven’t worked those muscles the day before.

The idea of spending less time working out and more time doing walking and yoga and being with my husband is very appealing.  The fact that I can be completely done with a workout in about 60 minutes incorporating 30 minutes all out and 30 minutes walking allows me to have breakfast with my husband and he never fails to tell me how excited that makes him.  We use to make sure we were having dinner every night together but with our evening yoga the idea of sitting down to dinner isn’t feasible.  We are eating when we can and making up our time together in the mornings when I don’t have Bikram or at night when we don’t have yoga.

He would like very much for me to be home every morning but I’m not quite willing to give up my 2 mornings a week of Bikram and my 2 mornings on the weekend of Bikram especially with the cold weather coming.  This type of exercise is so good for me mentally and physically therefore, anywhere I can make up some time and spend it with him he is appreciative and honestly I like it too.  The idea of chronic cardio and doing 90 minutes on the elliptical a couple times a day is no longer appealing nor is it necessary for me and my body.  My body has energy reserves now that I can use throughout the day and that is much better than fatiguing myself on equipment hoping for a longer life.


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