So many people write on blog posts or write into ask the question of the pod casters about eating a Paleo diet is financially feasible?  The response is overwhelming that it is very feasible because although you are spending more money on organic grass fed meats and organic produce the idea is that more of the cooking is done at home and eating out becomes more a luxury not the norm.  The other idea is that you replace the grain and sugar based foods with produce and meat.  It is hard to convince the average person that with all the couponing going on right now that eating this way is not an extra burden on the family.

I considered myself an semi-expert on coupons and finding the best deals.  It took some work but I could find some great deals and had a pretty impressive stock pile.  The problem with my stock pile was it was full of cereal, granola bars, rice, pasta and soups.  At that time my husband and I were eating these foods using our stock pile to the fullest extent. Once we switched over we donated the foods we were no longer interested in eating and had to figure out how to still eat on a budget.  I scour the internet for coupons on the coconut milk and almond milk we are using.  I use Trader Joe’s for a lot of my foods and use the farmer market for produce. 

Last week my husband found an organic farm near his work and bought us 40 lbs of organic, grass fed no antibiotics and hormone beef. They also sell the same in chicken and pork.  Buying in bulk is an expensive upfront but it saves over the months when we aren’t buying it each week at the grocery store.  Yesterday we needed to go to our big box store BJ’s many other people have Sam’s or Costco but basically we were going for all our paper goods and while walking around we noticed that this store has really changed.  We were finding a lot of organic frozen fruits and vegetables as well as free range, organic eggs and organic almond milk.  These were great scores for us so we stocked up.  They also have an entire organic, grass fed no antibiotic and hormone meat section with chicken, beef and pork as well.  We got some lunch meats for salads and wondered around the store looking for other finds.

At Trader Joe’s I buy nuts for 4.50 lbs but at BJ’s buying in bulk brought our price down to 3.50 lbs so we stocked up on all kinds of nuts.  In the dried fruit area we found a huge bag of raisins and the ingredients on the bag said “raisins” that is the type of ingredient list we are looking for.  My nephew is addicted to raisins so this giant bag will be gone in no time and a great bribe for anything that you want a 2 year old to do.  I also enjoy throwing raisins in a bag with nuts and seeds and shredded unsweetened coconut to much on. 

I might not be able to use coupons on meat and produce but I can still eat a good healthy diet and not break the bank.  The other thing for my husband and I is that we are willing to put extra money into good food.  We eat all our meals at home except for 1 time a month we go out as a treat but all other meals and snacks are ones we make and therefore we budget well for our grocery bills.  Finally, if eating this way allows me to continue to decrease my medications and maybe even stop some more than I believe it is better to put money into food and decrease my health care costs in the process.  Time will tell if that is feasible but this is my hope.


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