It has been a while since I have written about my Raynaud’s.  The slowdown in the writings is basically because in the summer time it is hard to tell exactly how my Raynaud’s is fairing.  Even though I sit in an A/C office all day and might be a bit purple I can go outside and instantly become pink again.  I stopped taking my Niacin just because I didn’t need it all summer and will gage as I enter into the upcoming seasons if I use it or not.

This morning it is raw and raining.  The temp is low 40’s and with the rain even feels cooler.  This is the time of the year where we haven’t turned on the heat and I’m not wearing winter clothes yet so there is a tendency that I might have some effects of Raynaud’s.  With my new lifestyle and decreasing inflammation of course one of my hopes is that this too will get better and although I’m realistic I don’t expect it to go away I am hopefully it can be managed without medications.  The moment of “aha” that things were looking good in this direction was this morning when I walked in the office with some purplish tint to my fingers but nothing that was too dramatic and even someone noticed and made mention that for a raw morning my hands were looking pretty good.  I was thinking the same thing but I am sometimes too close to the situation and cannot see it objectively.

I’m assuming that when we are outside for long periods of time I will need to treat my hands with warmers and liners in gloves like I have in the past.  However, the days of not being able to feel my fingers or being able to type hasn’t happened to me since July.  Is this another good effect of the diet?  Is Raynaud’s somehow connected to inflammation as well and will I actually be able to see some relief in my hands and feet as I continue to watch what I eat.  The Bikram yoga helps also keeping the body warm and the blood circulating.  I will try and increase my Bikram practice as the seasons change and it gets colder. Also, with winter on the horizon they tend to hold more classes to bring people in out of the cold and I’m one of those people that take full advantage of more classes.

My Raynaud’s is just one of the many topics I’m looking forward to discussing with my doctor next week.  It has been about 5 months since he has seen me and not only will he do my blood work but also check my bone density, muscle strength and look my hands and feet over really well for any indication that enough blood is not getting to my extremities.  My belief is he is going to be pleasantly surprised by my progress if my blood work comes back showing a decrease in inflammation and my strength will have to show an improvement from 5 months ago.  Looking forward to getting all the results very soon.


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