In the corporate world we are always working to improve efficiency and discussing how to make things work better in all aspects of business. In sales it is all about maximizing sales and reducing steps, in manufacturing it is all about maximizing quality but find ways to cut costs and make the manufacturing facilities more effective and efficient.  How corporations come to these decisions vary but in my company we use the Kaizen philosophy. Kaizen, in Japanese, means “improvement” it takes a task and breaks it down into smaller steps to see where there could be changes made for improvements and efficiencies.  Every time I hear a that a task force is working on a Kaizen I know that a team of people will be working on improving something that may or may not directly effect me but I like that the system is taken seriously and since we all have room for improvement it only helps me in my daily work life.

Why do I talk about Kaizen in a MCTD blog?  I wonder if it is possible to have a Kaizen of one?  Every Kaizen I have participated in has a group of people coming at the problem in different ways and seeing solutions differently.  In a Kaizen of one the system can be the same but instead of a task force how about just making “you” the subject but break it down in the small steps?  This morning on my way to Bikram one of the podcasts I listen too regularly was making this very comment.  He was basically saying that if we treat our health like a Kaizen project we can look at the aspects of health for us and break it down into small steps to see where changes can be made and improvements can be put into place.  Maybe we even reach out for help in areas where we might be blinded by the areas of improvement and ask for help.  The idea is not to find like minded people but opened minded people that can help you see areas of  improvement for yourself and point out areas.  This does not sound real comfortable to me because honestly I don’t like being topic of conversation for anyone, positive or negative. I’m more of a stay off the radar type of person and live a very private life, outside of this blog.

I do however think that the idea of thinking about my health and the aspects of it and then breaking those aspects down into small steps and making improvements sound like a very beneficial exercise. Acknowledging the areas for change and then making the changes are what will make the Kaizen of one work.  Just acknowledging but not making the necessary changes doesn’t do anything. Nether does making a bunch of changes without knowing what the goals are after making the changes.  To wrap up this concept, I’m going to start recognizing where I could use some change and breaking down the steps to get there.  For instance, I know I need better sleep. This is a perfect place to start to recognize the steps I need to implement to reach my end goal of sleeping 8 solid hours every night to ensure my body gets enough time to heal and perform to maximum each day.


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