I have what my yoga instructor refers to as crazy brain or monkey mind. My mind is moving a million different directions with no slowdown in sight.  This was apparent at our yoga session last night when I was having trouble balancing and concentrating.  Usually my mountain pose is steady and I can feel my bandas lock as well as my feet firmly planted on my mat.  However, this evening I was all over the place.  I need the yoga sessions after a long day at work to clear my mind but at the same time I’m not really able to find that clarity even in yoga.  I’m guessing that as I find my balance in life I can also find my balance on my mat.

At one point my husband looked over and made mention to me that I was not concentrating and he could see it.  He should have been concentrating on his own practice but that is a conversation for a different time.  I have already said that I pay attention to his practice and clearly he is paying attention to my practice as well. Perhaps it would do us each some good to just concentrate on ourselves for 75 minutes.  What a novel idea!

I’m going back to the sleep subject for a quick minute since I just spoke about yesterday I don’t need to harp on the subject but last night I didn’t sleep nearly as well and I could feel it when I got up.  I did wake before my alarm but my body wasn’t fully rested.  I realized I was not going to be able to get back to sleep so I headed to the gym.  I ended up struggling through my workout this morning.  It was a series of 5 different circuits and by the 5th circuit I should be tired but I was really tired.  I walked at a slow pace after my workout to just get the blood flowing and bring my heart rate down.  As the day has gone on I’m feeling better but I certainly don’t have the same pep as I wrote about yesterday.  It all comes down to what I eat, how I sleep, what intensity I put my body through, and how I mentally compartmentalize my physical mind.  When everything is in line I feel great but it certainly doesn’t take much to lose that great feeling.  I just have to keep everything in line. That is easier said than done most days.


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