I was listening to one of my podcast recently and they mentioned using the CATA method.  At first I wasn’t sure if this was a type of workout, diet, or new fad but it turns out it is actually a way to measure how something is working or not.  CATA stands for the following and once I heard about it, it made sense to me.

C- Commit to whatever program you start.

A – Assess = what kind of result am I getting, is this easy to maintain

T – Tweak

A – Assess Again = Did I really stay true to the commitment?  Is this working?  Is the program good? Is my follow through good? What one variable can I commit to change to get a new result?

Without realizing it I have been using the CATA method in my Paleo journey.  I have been researching so much and learning so many new things.  Not everyone agrees so I’m forming my own ideas but as I “tweak” and make changes I need to “assess” and sometimes tweak again.  I am totally committed to my new way of eating, sleeping, and exercising.  Now I make tweaks along the way and assess if they work or not.  For me, I actually feel better when I don’t eat dairy and can notice a difference in the way I sleep at night.

I also notice that when I stick to eating mostly fats and moderate protein with easier to digest vegetables I don’t have any issues with acid reflux.  I always thought it was because of my medications and that I had ruined the lining of the stomach by taking all my medications but the more research I do, I don’t think I necessarily believe that.  I have dropped down to taking my acid reflux medication about 2 -3 times a week instead of every day.  I’m seeing some real changes in my body, and level of fatigue.  I have much more energy now but it could also be that I’m not burning all that energy with hours of exercise and hours at the gym so I’m able to save some energy and disperse it throughout the day.  All in all I feel good and look forward to creating a new base line for my overall health.


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