What is more addicting reading or listening to podcast? Both are at an even level for me right now.  I love to walk outside and just listen to an hour long podcast when it is over I know how long I’ve been out and I can go for a 2nd podcast or call it quits.  For my long walks I can easily listen to 2 sometimes even 3 podcasts before calling it quits and heading back inside.  The nicest thing about podcast is that for the most part they are free and as I listen to several they introduce me to others that I can try.

All the podcasts on my player are about health and nutrition.  Jillian Michael’s Daily Dose is very good and she always gives a quick snip it about nutrition and then a quick snip it on fitness. She is a character and her producer, Janice, is an added bonus to the show. Every episode is sure to get at least one laugh out loud from me.  Do I look silly walking down the road laughing to myself? Of course I do, but really who is looking and who cares?  Everyone is so involved in their own world that they don’t care about the crazy lady walking all over the city laughing to herself.

I have really been introduced to the Paleo and Low Carb community through podcasts.  These podcasts can be humorous but what they are really doing is setting me up for life so I understand what this means not only in the short term but also going forward to make it a true part of my life and my husband’s life.  They don’t all agree and I wouldn’t expect them too.  I like to gather all the information and make my own decisions.  At first I was making decisions based on my philosophy and what my brain was telling me.  Now I make decisions on what my body is telling me.  It is hard to wrap your head around eating so much fat when we all believe low fat is the way to go and for some it still is but for me I feel better when I keep my day in the range of about 50-60% fat.

Some of my favorite low carb type podcasts are “The Fat-Burning Man” by Abel James.  He interviews someone different every week in the community and usually who might have a book coming out or has been involved in a particular article.  His content is very interesting and usually find myself looking up the book at the library or looking up the person to see if they have a podcast.  For instance he was recently interviewing a doctor out of Philadelphia, Colin Champ, and I found this doctor to be so interesting. He is working in a hospital trying to convince people to eat high fat, moderate protein and low carb to a community who does not think this way.  I looked up his Podcast which is “Relentless Roger and the Caveman Doctor.” I went to episode 1 and have been working my way through them. Roger is a trainer, Colin is a doctor and together they are really informative.

Another one I listen to regularly is “The Paleo Solution” Robb Wolff and his podcasts are answering questions that different people have sent to him.  Although I’m still not sure what met cons are or how many blocks of protein I should be eating I find him very knowledgeable on the autoimmune disease front.  He is the real reason that I’m making this change.  When he talks about autoimmune diseases he doen’t speak about them in terms of absolutes and gives me hope that someday I can put my MCTD in remission.  I know I won’t be cured but if I can at least put it to rest long enough to call it remission that will work for me.

Sometimes I need a woman’s perspective and for that I turn to Balanced Bites which is 2 women that speak about being moms, women, and wives and I can relate them.  I also like Live, Love, and Eat which is a female that has dealt with food issues most of her life and just gives a woman’s perspective as to what food means to us.  Women see food very differently than men do.  If you tell someone like my husband to eat a big hunk of meat and a huge bowl of greens he just does it.  I look at that and ask where is the fun in this? What is this going to reward me in terms of taste?  I know what it will reward me in terms of health but again my brain says make it fun.  That’s when my creative side kicks in and I start playing with my portion.  If my husband wants some color and pizazz than I play with his dinner too but usually it is just mine.

Another player in the community is Jimmy Moore with “Living LA Vida Low Carb” and “Ask the Low Carb Expert” both are informational.  I have only broken the surface on possibilities for my listening pleasure and really looking forward to finding even more to tune into regularly.  The more I listen, the more I learn, the more questions I have and somehow they always seem to get answered somewhere down the line.  It has been really beneficial to put a lot of time into this life style and tackle it like a career


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