My husband and I started our evening yoga 2 nights a week again and I really kick myself for ever stopping.  We took a break after our last session in May since summer was coming and doing things inside after work isn’t all that appealing.  Now that we are back in the studio doing hatha yoga I remember just how good it feels to be flowing in yoga.

We completed the Intro to Yoga in our last session and now have graduated to the next level. When we arrived there were a few familiar faces from last session but some new faces too.  My husband has done zero yoga of any sort since May but I think he had this thought that he needed to perform and gave it everything he had the first night.  To no surprise he woke extremely sore and his back was hurting.  I wasn’t sure what that meant for our next visit last night but as the trooper he is, he put on his yoga clothes and off we went.  He is still sore this morning and normal soreness I would not worry about but the pain in his back is what is really concerning. Heat, ice and some ibuprofen and hopefully he will be back to normal soon.

The class is really relaxing and although we hang out in downward facing dog for what feels like an eternity because she calls it our resting pose it really does feel good to do that type of yoga. I don’t know that I can say downward facing dog feels like a resting posture to me but maybe at some point it will.  We had 10 minutes left of class on Monday night and she had us standing in Mountain pose or Tadasana and when you think of standing for 10 minutes it doesn’t seem like a big deal until you root your feet, hug the thigh muscle into the bones, contract your abs, lower your shoulders, pull back your chin and stand quietly.  That is really hard work.

Take it a step further and do the same thing in a seated position on the floor. At the end of last night’s class we sat in Tadasana doing the same mechanics but in a seated position. That was honestly more difficult for me.  After several minutes I could feel my shoulders start to roll forward and my back start to slouch and my abdominal muscles let go and then everything just hurt so I couldn’t find the calm in my brain.  She did say that this pose is very good for arthritis of the knees, hips and ankles. After hearing that I knew I had to make a goal to work on this posture and find the calm.  As a modification I can use a wall until my upper body is strong enough to hold itself upright and then I can concentrate on my legs more and keeping them hugged in.  The whole posture is very powerful seated or standing and I need to work on both.  My husband needs to work on both and in the process strengthen his back so we have entered back into the hatha yoga studio just in time.


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