Beans, beans, beans, should we eat them or not?  In my own house this is a topic of discussion and honestly my husband and I are on different sides. My other family members are on the side of my husband and I honestly don’t know who is right?  A reader suggested I check out a blog called “To Bean or Not to Bean” I have posted the link here if any of you are interested in reading it.




Even in the attached blog he argues both sides and gives examples of who is arguing each side. I have listened to each person he references and familiar with the books he mentions but for me it comes down to one simple thing, I have an autoimmune disease and from the evidence I have read and listened to it is clear that for someone like me I should cut beans completely so I did.  If my husband decides in his endeavor that he wants to keep beans in his diet, well I think he is more than welcome to do so. Quite frankly, just seeing him get rid of sandwiches, cookies, granola bars and other carbs has been thrilling so who wants to argue about beans? 

Now with autoimmune diseases I realize that for me the best thing to do is a full elimination diet for at least 1 month and see how I feel. That requires removing eggs, nuts, seeds, nightshades, and all dairy. I will pick a month coming up and do it but I had to start this journey and eliminated quite a bit but wasn’t ready to give up the eggs, nuts, seeds and all dairy. I still use cheese in some of my recipes as well as heavy cream. I snack on both seeds and nuts pretty regularly because honestly it is easy.  This diet as it is designed is easy but it takes planning.  I cannot leave the house for the day and go to work without having something that I can eat.  I have always been one to have my cooler with me at all times and eat the foods that I want and need so this preparation is simply part of my routine. 

I will be able to find a different routine when I do a full elimination diet but I need to be prepared and know when I’m starting so I don’t reach for nuts and seeds. I won’t reach for beans so nothing to worry about there but we do have them in the house in case my husband wants to add some to his chili.  The foods we are making are so flavorful and rich that the less stuff in the recipe the better. My taste buds have certainly changed and my husband said he is waiting for his to change too.  He is really new at this but on board to at least try. Final thought, keep the beans if you don’t suffer autoimmune but consider letting them go if you do.


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