Every podcast associated with Paleo gets the same question from people interested in trying Paleo or who are even slightly curious and that is the cost of eating Paleo.  I was hooked after hearing a few podcasts and then certainly after reading The Primal Blueprint, therefore, cost was not a barrier for me.  Cost is relative in mind, for instance I use to be an extreme coupon clipper and yes I had a stock pile of many boxes of cereal and crackers, cans of soup and boxes of rice.  I didn’t pay a lot for them at the cash register but there is still a cost associated with that type of buying and eating.

I’m going to run down some of my new cost cutting secrets and although I have limited coupons now I still scour the internet looking for coupons and get my Sunday paper because there are produce coupons and meat coupons, along with eggs and coconut milk. Coupons are a great way to save and with more and more people using them companies have caught on.

Produce has always been our biggest purchase, therefore, we are part of the CSA share where we get a weekly box of produce from our local farmer and since that comes on Wednesday we know what we have before we do our weekend shopping.  The next stop is to the farm stand to get additional fruit and vegetables, and some cheese if we are in the mood.

Eggs is another big purchase for us and we can go through 2 dozen easily a week. Obviously cage free, vegetarian, with Omega 3 are the best but yes you will spend money on them.  I tried Trader Joe’s eggs and although I really enjoyed them my husband said the yolk broke as soon as it hit the pan and wasn’t crazy about them.  I ask everyone I know with chickens if I can buy some and scour the farmer’s market looking for eggs. I will spend a lot but I would prefer not too.  I have to break it down into how many meals we get and the quality we are getting and then it is much easier to justify.

Speaking of Trader Joe’s I love this store for nuts, seeds, almond butter, dark chocolate and their meats.  They have grass fed no antibiotic meats that taste really good. We also look at the butcher shop and our local store and compare prices but quality is key here.  Buying bulk is a great way and when you find good quality chicken that is vegetarian with no antibiotic and hormones stock up because it can freeze for a long while.

Tropical Traditions is an on line company where I have been buying my Coconut oil and raw honey. They have great prices and send me e-mails periodically to tell me about specials they are running and I can stop up. If you don’t open the jars they can sit on a stock pile shelf.

Amazon is another great place to try looking for products and do price comparison.  We always thought that if we could get it on Amazon that was our best bet but you have to compare prices because there are some things that are just less expensive in the local grocery stores. Almond butter for instance was something I found on Amazon but it turns out Trader Joe’s has the best price so don’t be fooled by Amazon and their no shipping fees it could still be more expensive.

The idea is that the cost of food is increasing all the time but if you are buying good quality food and making all your meals at home if you break down the cost per person, per meal, over the course of the week my husband and I have really not increased our costs at all and since we don’t fill a stock pile with boxes that is saving us as well. The cost of the food we eat now is saving us other costs down the road and that is priceless.


2 thoughts on “COST OF PALEO

  1. Hawley, Jennifer September 11, 2012 at 12:35 pm Reply

    Nicole I just read an article about beans and the Paleo outlook- It was a great read. To Bean OR Not To Bean, That Is The Question (Legumes, Lectins, and Human Health) The Blog of J.D. Moyer. Is ok to suggest another blogger? I am a little ignorant to the politics of blogging but his take on food is much like yourself a journey to finding what’s right for you. It has taken me months to just give up gluten so the thought of eliminating the other items needed is a tough thought but I am giving myself time to figure it all out. Thanks for all your help!!

    Jennifer Hawley
    Product Line Administrative Assistant
    Caterpillar Global Mining Highwall Miners LLC
    304.253.0206 (Office)
    351 Ragland Road | Beckley, WV 25801

    Wherever there’s mining, we’re there.

    • mevsmctd September 11, 2012 at 3:21 pm Reply

      Hello Jennifer
      I love the idea of reading other blogs and do it all the time. Anytime you read something and want to share please do, this is a community and we are all learning together. I’m headed over to Bean or Not to Bean now to check it out. This is a hot topic in our house-hold right now and although I’ve decided to elminate for the time my husband isn’t quite that is the right move. I’ll report more once I have a chance to research and read the blog.


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