Do you remember your first day of school year after year after year? I must admit I really don’t but we have plenty of pictures to prove that each year the first day of a school brought a new school outfit, shoes, coat, backpack and yes school gear although that doesn’t come across in the pictures but one can assume.  Summer is over and the kids were waiting by the bus stops all along my commute waiting to enter school on their first day. What age starts school?  I’m here to tell you age 2, yes my little nephew was off to school for his first day last Thursday.  OK, not real school but he doesn’t know that. What he knows is that he got up, dressed, ate and put his backpack on so he too could go to school.

My sister-in-law took the best pictures of him running out of the house as though he had serious work that had to be done.  I don’t know if he knew exactly where he was going but anywhere mom goes so does he and is more than happy to oblige her.  However, once he saw the other kids and the fun they were having he was in hook line and sinker. School was definitely something he was interested in and was more than happy to say good-bye to mom and get started on his work day. She couldn’t help herself and went to the coffee shop across the street to enjoy a cup of coffee and watch her little boy being so grown up.

He is only there a couple hours and really just enough time to give her sometime to herself to be able to take care of herself and in return be even a better mom if that is even possible.  She is excellent and we probably don’t tell her nearly enough.

So why do I bring this up? Other than the fact that I love talking about Mr. Big but also because today is kind of my first day of school all over again.  I have a new job, a bigger job and although I’m at the same company my day is going to be very different that any other day I’ve had thus far.  I’m feeling stressed and haven’t really slept in weeks in anticipation of waiting for the final offer and my acceptance and then the announcement.  It all happened and although it is official I still didn’t sleep this weekend. I have so much to think about and predict, however, my health still takes priority so how does one deal with this kind of stress and keep flares at bay? I’m not sleeping but I’m still eating well and taking rests as I need them and starting yoga tonight with my husband.  Having a commitment to do yoga with him after work is so thrilling for me but it also ensures that I don’t work late.  Balance is going to mean more to me than ever before and as long as I remember how to find balance and achieve balance the rest will fall into place.  I’m at 121 days of being flare-up free and have every intention of keeping this streak going.



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