Technically my 21 day transformation is over but my journey has just begun. My exercise has decreased quite a bit and I really rely on just walking to be my stress reliever when I can’t get into a Bikram studio.  My PEM’s are increasing and my WOD’s are getting stronger. My sprinting is faster and my HIIT’s are getting longer.  I’m putting in 30 minutes every day of hard exercise and the rest of the day is just walking or yoga. I still use my fitbit and still averaging over 10k every day in steps therefore I’m keeping up with the average number of steps for a healthy person.  I have linked my fitbit to loseit.com and although this plan doesn’t really consist of weighing and measuring food it is a good indicator for me that I’m taking in enough calories or on days when I may be taking in too many but that has only happened once this entire summer.

When I started this journey it was really back in June and July when I was trying to lose my middle section. At the time I didn’t know if losing weight was the answer or not but my husband as fanatic that I could not start this journey with the idea I was going to lose any weight. We joked that strong was the new skinny and I could gain strength not lose weight . The truth is I have dropped a couple of pounds but I have gained a lot more muscle so I don’t look like I have lost weight.  I have dropped 4% body fat and no not in 21 days but really since beginning of July.  The bulk of it started coming off in the 21 day transformation because I was strict with my diet.  Oh yeah except for those family get together dinners.  Let’s face it, this is life and I’m just living the best I can.

Sleep is important when maintaining health and I lack solid 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. However, I’m working on not setting an alarm when I don’t have to get up early for work and just letting my body wake up naturally.  That natural wake up can start at 2am however and sometimes I’m able to conquer it and sometimes I’m not.  Some nights I sleep great and on those nights and I try to take notice of what I did differently.  I’m trying to end my evening with a calming tea and even a tablet of melatonin from time to time. Stress is an indicator of poor sleep and yes I’m stressed days but who isn’t?  My husband and I start our weekly evening yoga sessions again for the fall and my real hope is that doing a calming hatha yoga before bed will be just enough to keep my sleeping all night.

Other parts of the transformation are the fasting which I have explained in a previous blog and it isn’t really for me especially since I don’t have all the aspects in place yet.  Introducing this idea to others has been challenging and I have decided to watch how I describe it to people but my husband is very curious.  I have been listening to lots of podcasts and having him ask me questions has been good but I wanted to introduce him to it with a good source.  I went to the library and got Robb Wolf’s book “The Paleo Solution” which I believe after my husband reads it will either be on board or not and if he isn’t I’ll leave it be.  I treated this exercise like I did yoga when I introduced him to that.  I waited until he was ready and then chose the very best yoga studio and instructor I could find.  He was hooked.  I did the same thing here, there are literally 100’s of books I could have exposed him to but I wanted to do my research for and pick the best for him.  He is still reading so more to follow later.

The end result is that 21 days goes by quickly, I feel great and I’m sticking with it but my real journey is just beginning.

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