If I’m not eating grains, beans, very little dairy and moderate fruit the question is what am I eating?  I decided to put some daily food logs on this post to show a couple of things.  First, that I’m still really eating some significant foods. Second, my calories are nice and high.  Third, what is the ratio that is working best for me in this Paleo diet endeavor.

My daily caloric intake ranges from 1700 – 2000 calories depending on the day, my activity level and if I’m at home or at work.  I eat differently at home because foods is accessible to me easier and at work even though I bring my food when it is gone there is no snacking which is easier at home and I only bring what I need to work.  I also look for quick meals to eat between meetings, phone calls and conference calls whereas at home I can eat larger sit down meals that are way more fun.

With my 1700-2000 calories my ratio is 50% fat, 30% proteins, and 20% carbs.  How does this break down? Typically 50% fat = about 60 grams and I choose good fats like coconut, nuts, avocado, butter, and some cheeses if I need them.  30% proteins is any meat, fish, and eggs, 20% carbs is mostly green vegetables with some non-green thrown in and some fruit. Usually just a serving of fruit a day is all I need.  I’m not eating based on a clock although I know when I get back from my walk at lunch that is a good time to eat lunch or I might not get another chance later.

I try but cannot always eat breakfast at a reasonable time I never eat before I work out or do yoga so my breakfast is usually right around 8am most days. Dinner is pretty scheduled considering I’m eating with my husband and when he gets home he is famished so that is a pretty routinely set time of about 6pm. These times can be adjusted and I find that my body isn’t worried about food as much as it used to be.  If I’m getting in enough calories at the end of the day the time seems to be irrelevant.

Daily Log



Breakfast – 1 egg, 2 egg white omelet with onions and cheddar cheese

2 pieces Canadian bacon


Snack – Almonds


Lunch – Hemp Protein shake with spinach, cucumber, strawberry and water


Dinner – Braised cabbage cooked in coconut oil and apple cider vinegar with nitrate free kielbasa and onions



Breakfast – Coconut flour pancakes topped with sauté apples cooked in coconut oil and drizzled with maple syrup and butter.

Lunch – Turkey burger topped with blue cheese crumble and 1 slice of bacon.  Cucumber and lemon salad and a hemp protein shake mixed with water.


Dinner – Family dinner – Grilled chicken, big salad, corn on the cob, ice cream cake



Breakfast – 1 egg, 2 egg white omelet with mushrooms, onions and gorgonzola cheese


Lunch – left over Braised cabbage and Kielbasa


Snack – Almonds


Dinner – Family dinner – Grilled Salmon, Chorizo sausage, big green salad and apple crisp with vanilla ice cream




Breakfast – eaten on the road.  Protein powder, spinach and strawberry smoothie made with water.


Lunch – Grilled chicken over spinach, full of vegetables and Trader Joe’s Green Goddess (no sugar)


Dinner – 2 Drumsticks with home-made BBQ sauce using spices and gluten free soy sauce.  Roasted Brussels sprouts in EVOO.



Breakfast – 2 Eggs, 1 egg white omelet with peppers, onions, mushrooms


Snack – apple and almond butter


Lunch – Turkey burger with avocado and large salad


Dinner – Chicken sausage with broccoli, mushrooms in a cream and mustard sauce



Breakfast – 2 hard boil eggs, plate of vegetables


Snack – Raw sunflower seeds


Lunch – Grilled chicken salad with vegetables and dressing


Dinner – Shrimp stir-fry using coconut oil and frozen vegetables with cashews, and bok choy


Snack – Dark chocolate and almond butter.


Friday – possibly the worst eating day of all time but this is what life really looks like and no I was not within my usual caloric intake.

Breakfast – hemp protein in coffee, apple and almond butter


Snack – green beans eating raw on the way to a meeting


Dinner – Green salad with blue cheese, sunflower seeds and ranch dressing and watermelon.


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