Ever watch people make the face when they believe you are attached to a fad or trend?  It doesn’t matter if you are doing the next diet or the next type of workout or reading the next trendy book or now a days listening to the next trendy podcast, if people believe it is a fad they pay it no attention.  I use the words Paleo and cross fit here in my blog but in every day life I have learned not to use labels like this because whom ever is trying to listen tunes out the trendy fads.

The marketing behind Paleo should just be wholesome, healthy, real, organic food.  Who in their right mind would say that diet sounds hard, silly, trendy, unrealistic.  The minute you mention not eating bread, pasta or rice they immediately think, “I can’t do that.” Is it that they can’t do that or that they don’t have any desire to do that? Very different concept.  This goes back to a blog I posted recently about staying motivated and I mention that I have to do certain things to stay healthy.  Eating clean, whole foods is part of that plan. I got derailed for a long while and I was eating my sugary snacks way to often and the unfortunate thing was that I started to feel it in my body.

Now that I’m on a new path my body feels much better, much stronger, and I feel like I’m making real progress.  I know that some think about eating a lot of meat and doing heavy weight training or cross fit as body building and think it is more for men but there is a real benefit to women as well.  Balancing our hormones is very important especially for me entering my 40’s but really for any woman. Autoimmune diseases are increasing and there may be a connection between food and some diseases.  I’m not talking specifically about dairy and being lactose intolerant or grains with gluten issues but can go even further. 

It is no secret to my family that I have been lacking strength the last 9 years and prior to that I didn’t care about strength so that time doesn’t count but perhaps it was my nutrition being a culprit of lacking strength along with MCTD.  I still have MCTD but I definitely have much greater strength today also.  The weight training I’m doing is intense and heavy without healing flare-ups.  The change along with the heavy weigh training is diet so yes I’m making a correlation between the two.

I listening to tons of podcasts and the message is the same in almost all of them.  Eat real organic foods minus grains, legumes and dairy if need be,  exercise as much as needed but not more and rest as much as possible.  Get good sleep each night and make the time during the day really count.  These are concepts I can really attach to.


4 thoughts on “HOW TO MARKET PALEO

  1. Jennifer September 9, 2012 at 6:11 pm Reply

    Hi Nicole,

    This post is interesting :o). I love your blog and I especially loved your Motivation post.

    My husband and I decided that we weren’t going to openly discuss our lifestyle with others as we felt that we were being considered uptight and no longer any “fun”. Unfortunately we find that we are constantly being questioned and can’t help ourselves from answering all of the questions. With this disease, I have no choice but to be strict; I am just so blessed to have a husband that is just as health conscious and he is 100% healthy. I started following the Eat Right for Your Blood Type quite some time ago, then tried the vegetarian/nutritarian for a couple of months but didn’t feel any better. A lot of the recipes called for corn and legumes which ERFYT says are bad for my blood type…plus…I like my organic grass fed meat. I have been intending on purchasing one of the Paleo or Primal Blue Print books for quite some time as I believe that they conform a lot with the ERFYT theory but really get in to food combining whereas ERFYT talks a lot about bad lectins and their effects. I think I will finally go purchase a few books :o).

    Thanks again for your blog and your insights.


    • mevsmctd September 9, 2012 at 6:40 pm Reply

      I don’t think a really supportive spouse understands the true impact they have on our health and on managing MCTD. Every spouse wants to be supportive but when they are our hard rocks with honest support as well as a soft place to fall when we need that it is truly amazing. I will tell you that I loved The Primal Blueprint and actually I was hooked after hearing Mark Sisson speak on a podcast for an hour but the book was my turning point. I also really enjoy listening to Robb Wolf The Paleo Solution podcast and find him very informative. This book is very science based and my husband likes the science behind things, I on the other hand like to know what I’m suppose to do and how I should feel when I do it. The list of books is truly endless, Smarter Science of Slim is good and although I love reading I’m learning so much more from listening to an hour podcast here and there. The Paleo for Woman is good as well. Good luck with whatever resource you choose and I am guessing it is very similar to what you and your husband are already thinking.


  2. Jennifer September 9, 2012 at 7:18 pm Reply

    Thank you for responding and thank you for all of the book recommendations. I am going to have to look into podcast for when I am out hiking, running or walking. My husband definitely likes to know the science behind things and can regurgitate everything he reads. I unfortunately don’t have the photographic memory so I kind of like my little library on hand for reference :o).

    On a side note, I have had MCTD for approx. three to four years now, am approaching 40 this year and hope to be just as healthy, if not healthier in five more years. I am trying to keep from taking any prescription drugs even though I do take minocycline, which I am still a little torn over. I know you take plaquenil and are trying to get off of prednisone. In your personal opinion and experience am I crazy or just being stupid for not taking the plaquenil?

    Thank you for your help!


    • mevsmctd September 9, 2012 at 7:45 pm Reply

        Jennifer I wanted to be clear what minocycline was since this is new for me. Your question was should you consider Plaquenil and although I’m really not an advocate for medications which is why I’m always looking for the next alternative treatment I would say that I have had zero issues with Plaquenil. Of all the DMARD drugs out there this one has the least side effects. There is potential issues with your eyes but as my eye doctor reminds me every year he has never seen a case in over 30 years. Also, because it is so mild the thought is that it only really works for about 5 years and then most people need something stronger. I have been on Plaquenil for 9 years and also turning 40 in a few short weeks.   I have recently decreased from my 400mg per day down to 300mg per day at the advice of my doctor and anytime I can reduce a medication I feel like that is a huge accomplishment. My ideal “pie in the sky” goal is to be off all medications but I’m also realistic in knowing that this is a disease. However, everything I have been reading and hearing is that if I can get a Paleo strict diet incorporated in my life on a very regular basis I may be able to turn this around. Again, pie in the sky but what if? The what if is exactly what keeps me going every day. You have decisions to make every day and I would just ask lots of questions about having a daily antibiotic and how long the good effects will last and what about later effects. If you and your doctor decide Plaquenil is a good move for you I am living proof that it has been a good long term management drug for me and of everything I’m on I find this one least offensive.

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