The Paleo diet allows for nuts but every podcast I listen to says don’t over do it on nuts.  The diet does not really allow for dairy so there are some decisions that need to be made.  This is where you have to listen to your body and decide what works best for you.  For me I find that I eat way too many nuts on any given day but they are a quick snack and take the edge off for me when I need it. I have switched all my nut intake to almonds, cashews and some pistachios. I haven’t invested in macadamia nuts yet but I don’t have any issues with the nuts thus far so I’ll wait and see.  Ideally if I could decrease and eat them about once a week I think that might be better for my overall health.  I just need to find other natural foods to supplement before to ensure I’m getting enough calories in a day.

Dairy is similar to nuts.  True Paleo dieters don’t eat dairy and they regularly tell people with autoimmune diseases to cut it out completely.  I have significantly decreased but have not cut it out completely.  We use butter, cream, cheese and I will have a cottage cheese from time to time.  Thus far I have not seen any side effects from eating this small amount of dairy but I’m also not opposed to removing it completely if the need arises.  Very often people with autoimmune complain of IBS or other bloating sensations.  Typically gluten is a trigger for most of us even if we don’t test positive for celiac there is some intolerance to gluten so taking out all foods that could pose a problem is better in the beginning.  I don’t know if I would feel better without the dairy and right now not willing to eliminate it completely.

Eggs is another trigger point for diet and autoimmune.  I have increased my egg consumption by quite a bit because all types of eggs are delicious and easy.  Need a hard boil egg on the go? I eat them all the time.  I buy a couple dozen a week and hard boil up one dozen and use the other for scrambles and omelets or any thickeners I need throughout the week.  I’m not afraid of eggs and although I’m willing to let dairy go if needed I’m not willing on the eggs.  OK, never say never, if I really found that I got into a flare and need to make a quick change and removing eggs would help then of course I would do it.  I’m doing all this for the sake of my health and well being and willing to do just about anything that my doctor agrees with. 

Finally, on the subject of removing foods, legumes is a huge trigger point. This was an easy transition for me.  I just had to read that legumes can cause arthritis and if I cut them out for a month and evaluate how I feel I could see some real benefit to not eating them.  I had my last chili with beans while at camp and now every chili from here on out is just meat and vegetables.  I once loved beans and thought they were good for me and high in fiber and protein but in the research I have explored I find this information to be incorrect for me.  I’m not telling anyone out there what to do I’m just sharing my experiences here in this blog and since I started this journey I feel so much better.  I’m at 113 days without a flare and lifting some pretty heavy weights now which just shows I’m getting stronger. 

The Paleo is not for everyone and I have learned that there are very different levels of Paleo as well.  A lot of the research agrees on the concept of meat, vegetable and good fats that contain omega 3 not omega 6 but there are aspects that they don’t agree on and that is actually better for me because I need to do what is best for my life and my body regardless of what others believe.


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