It might sound crazy but I flipped a switch in my brain last Sunday when I had that cake.  I work in an office environment where there is constantly food, snacks, candy, and anything else you can think of except for fruits and vegetables.  On Wednesday the snacks came out since it was a stressful day and although I didn’t have any my brain kept thinking about them.  I felt trapped by the thought that there were sugary delightful treats only steps from my office.

Thursday I had a lunch meeting at one of my favorite restaurants and although I stuck to a good salad with protein lunch the rest of the day I was craving something sweet. I didn’t eat it but I so wanted it. Finally, Friday I couldn’t help myself since there were pastries from the bakery that smelled and looked wonderful so I indulged.  I actually stopped on my way home to pick up an apricot tart for my husband and I to celebrate our anniversary.  The switch for sweets has been turned back on in my body and my mind. 

I had been doing really well and my body was feeling good and strong and I knew I had come up with a good solution for myself but I didn’t know or didn’t think about how to handle these types of situations where the need for sweet consumes me.  Yes, I eat dark chocolate and I really like it. I even dip it in my almond butter for a real treat. I just learned about frozen banana soft serve and if you haven’t tried this but you like banana it is a must. I’ll follow up with that in a minute.  Therefore, I know how to get sweet treats still using the real food approach but that wasn’t what I was after when I was eating pastries and tarts.

What are the repercussions of such eating? This morning I woke up and my feet hurt when they hit the floor. My hands are swollen and stiff, my belly is bloated, I feel fatigue, and honestly I’m feeling a little let down by myself.  The water retention I can help reduce in Bikram along with some of the mental stuff but I think I just have to go back to being strict.  My body doesn’t allow for a lot of wiggle room in most scenarios and since I have been flare-up free for 112 days and I consider myself officially at 4.5mg of prednisone FINALLY, I don’t want to fall off the feeling healthy ledge. The mental stuff I’m going to have to work through and once the physical stuff is feeling better I don’t anticipate it taking long for the mental to follow but in the meantime I need to stay the course even though I’m daily tempted to be swayed and just remember how great I feel when I my body is not full of sugar, white flour carbs and tons of water.



     This recipe came to me from a friend who saw it in a magazine I think. There is a machine you can buy called Yonana which makes it for you but you can also do it right at home with a food processor.  A blender isn’t the same unfortunately. Technically all you need is one ingredient but there are other ways to make this.


1 banana cut into 2” pieces placed in the freezer for about 3 hours. Put the frozen banana pieces in the food processor and start to mix. You may have to scrape the sides every once and a while. If you need a some liquid I like using vanilla extract but you can use cream or milk or a milk substitute and when that banana turns to creamy soft serve it is ready to be put in bowl and enjoyed.  I also let the banana get to the consistency I want and add whole almonds at the end and mix a couple of times to get the almond pieces throughout the mixture. It really tastes like banana ice cream.  Enjoy.


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