Today is my 9th anniversary with an extraordinary man who is truly my biggest supporter.  I understand completely that my life is designed very differently than many other people out there, especially some of the people closest to me and this is because of his support and love.  Sure he wants to spend as much time with me but he also knows that when I get up and leave the house in the pitch black I’m leaving to make myself stronger, healthier and in turn happier.  He likes to say and of course he took it from somewhere else “A happy wife is a happy life” I tend to agree.

Nine years ago on this date it was actually the Sunday of Labor Day weekend.  We had our family and closest friends there to share this special day with us.  I was a bit drugged up to make sure I could walk down the aisle but not to the point of being loopy.  That day was the most beautiful and incredible day of my life. After nine years I can still remember each memorable moment and as I look back I would not change one minute of that day.  I also wouldn’t do it again.  Once was enough and now I just remember and cherish each and every day and year that goes by.

Thank you handsome husband for the wonderful years!!!


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