On the 10th day of the transformation along with sticking with the natural foods diet and doing a PEM workout they also recommend taking an E-mail fast.  I wish I could spend the entire day avoiding e-mails and computers but unfortunately my life doesn’t allow for that.  With that said I could try and do an e-mail fast over the weekend.  Talk about coming out of your comfort zone.  I’m constantly attached to some sort of device. At camp when we are on vacation with no access to coverage I take a break from technology and e-mail but even when we get a little service we check in with the real world.   Maybe doing it in small steps and just refraining from opening, answering, and looking at any e-mails for 1 day would be a good place to start?

My PEM workout consisted of a Cross Fit training session.  This morning she gave us 10 gruesome exercises and asked for 15 reps each and 3 rounds in 30 minutes.  I did 3.5 rounds but I can’t say I enjoyed it.  We did Burpees with hops, Lara Crofts, speed squats, my dreaded but getting little easier push-ups, and many others that just made me exhausted.  The 30 minutes today dragged on but I think it was because I was honestly beat after 1 round and had to find the strength to get in a total of 3 rounds.  Some people did 4 full rounds; I thought I was doing well at 3.5 rounds.  She pushes us and I wouldn’t necessarily say gently either.  She is a bit gruff and at 5:30am she comes across even a little bit gruffer but I guess that is why I’m doing this. My introduction period is now over so I have to decide to keep going weekly or what I’m really thinking is doing it myself.  Now that I have the concept of cross fit and WOD along with Tabata and HIIT training with some sprints thrown in the mix I think I can come up with a weekly routine to keep me busy for a while.  As the season changes I’m hoping to throw in some more Bikram as well and don’t want to overdo my training.

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