Today is a check in day. I started the 21 Primal Blueprint Transformation 9 days ago and here is where I’m at with diet, exercise, how I feel and other things.  The diet has been much easier to follow then I original anticipated. I have not had any bread, pasta, rice or any other grains.  I did cheat with birthday cake on Sunday for my nephew’s party and although I started to have regrets after I ate it I made myself let those regrets go.  This is lifestyle change for me not a short term goal. I gain nothing by beating myself up for birthday cake but I also recognize that eating stuff like that a lot over a life time is partly how I ended up here with MCTD in the first place. I’m on a new path now and although I expect to slip up I’m not likely to do it often only because I feel so much better when I don’t and I’m also seeing some real benefits to eating real foods.

The exercise has been a lot of fun for me because I’m trying all kinds of things.  I realize after doing some research on line that my form of Cross Fit is a probably Cross Fit light.  It is meeting the needs of the masses in a regular gym.  We aren’t throwing anything and it doesn’t come with a hardcore exterior.  However, Cross Fit light or not I’m leaving my 30 minute sessions exhausted which is really what I want in my workout routines.  I’m doing more 30 minute bursts of HIIT or Tabata workouts in the morning and then using my lunch hour to walk.  This allows my heart rate to get up and the late walking helps to clear my head and balance my hormones.

I’m still practicing Bikram 3 days a week but I must admit those practices are getting harder and harder.  I’m finding it a struggle to stay focused throughout the 90 minutes and where I once felt like a rock star I now feel like I’m a newbie learning the postures for the first time.  Many things could be going on here and I just need to be patient with myself and figure out how to change things.  Part of my struggle could be that I’m just fatiguing quicker in my class and not able to keep the energy needed for the full 90 minutes due to the lack of carbs I’m eating.  I tried having a protein powder shake with water before my practice this morning and it did help.  I also had stopped drinking water in class but now I take the water bottle back in and find that I’m drinking throughout my practice.

My mind wanders so that is a practice in itself just staying present throughout the 90 minutes.  There is a real balance to the exercise program I have chosen for myself.  At one time I was working out 3 hours a day but it was mostly cardio and my Bikram practices were seemingly easy.  Today my workouts are harder, quicker, more intense, built around weight training and it may be that I’m not leaving enough for my Bikram practices.  Next week my husband and I start our fall yoga practice 2 nights a week so we’ll see how that goes and I’ll probably have to make adjustments around adding that too once I see how my body reacts.

The good news is that I feel great and my body feels brand new.  I wake up with no stiffness most days and find that I have slept through the night peacefully.  I have been on 300mg of Plaquenil over 6 weeks now and I have dropped to 4.5mg of prednisone.  It is way too soon for me to get excited about dropping to 4.5mg just yet since it has only been a several days and I know I can still flare but once I get to several weeks, if I get to several weeks that will be a huge accomplishment.  9 Years in the making and just waiting to finally say I’m at 4.5mg.  I have chosen a good time to try again to lower to 4.5mg because my body feels so good.  Also, I have not had to take any medication for my Raynaud’s since beginning of June.  This is a huge victory since I sit in the A/C all day and my fingers tend to be purple all the time.  They still turn purple so I am not cured of my Raynaud’s by any means but they don’t go numb or do I have any tingling which is why I stopped taking my meds. Perhaps my circulation is better or my body might be burning energy more efficient and keeping the blood rushing to my digits.  Either way again, I see this has a victory no matter how small a victory it might seem


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