Today my little nephew turns 2 years old.  I can’t even tell you where the time has gone.  24 months ago we were sitting at camp waiting for the phone call that our little guy had arrived and at that time didn’t even have a name yet for him.  The call came and as you can imagine my mother, sister and I took off to the hospital. Now 2 years later we are still running off to see him whenever we can.

We had his birthday party yesterday and although he doesn’t exactly understand what it means to have a birthday he was more than thrilled to see all kinds of balloons, an overstuffed Elmo and lots of pretty packed gifts all for him.  Yes he was excited to see us to but we were just the vehicles for the shiny gifts. Everyone says, including me, that you cannot negotiate with a 2 year old and I watched my sister-in-law negotiate with this child over all kinds of things.  He is extremely smart and even at 2 knows exactly how to get what he needs and she is so in tune to him that she can spot the boundary push coming before it even fully registers.

This concept of parent and child is so beautiful to me.  The relationships that have formed with my brother, sister-in-law and nephew are extremely wonderful.  I get these over joyed tears when I think about it.  My tears are not because I want or need that in my life but I realize that my most important job now is being the best Auntie I can be and although he would much rather have his mommy and daddy I hope I’m a close 2nd in that pyramid.  Connecting with a 2 year can sometimes be really easy and other times really hard.  I don’t mind either way just as long as I’m making the connection.

At this birthday party there was a little girl 14 months old.  There is a true biological difference between boys and girls.  She may have been nearly a year younger than my nephew but she was communicating in a different way than he was at that age and even now in some situations.  I was amazed that she was so strong on her feet running after the 2 year old boys, up hills, down hills, through the bushes, nothing was stopping her if it wasn’t stopping them.  She is already learning to just be who she is, time and life haven’t had a chance to tell her not do certain things yet and I hope she doesn’t experience the “you can’t do that” but we all know reality is that our lives are based on what we hear.

I say run as fast as you want, play in the dirt, fall down and get up and doing it all over again.  These are the same words I use with my nephew and I will hopefully use with if I have a niece also.  Children give us new perspective if we just take a minute to notice it.


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