In addition to my sprinting I also do other types of HIIT. What is HIIT? It is a quick way to say High Intensity Interval Training. I did my HIIT training yesterday morning.  There are so many ways to achieve this and I have already described Tabata which is a form of HIIT. With all the podcasts I have been listening to lately and there are a lot of them ranging from health, fitness, weight loss, the paleo diet and many others, I have learned quite a lot in all the areas of my interests.  One of the podcasts discussed a type of interval training incorporating cardio and weight training.  It is the “Miracle Workout” which was designed by W. Jackson Davis and although there hasn’t been any updates on the website and it doesn’t seem like Dr. Davis is still pursuing this idea the concept was very interesting to me and I did yesterday morning before my Bikram class.

The concept is do cardio hard such as running for a minute, get off the machine and do 12-15 reps of a weight training move, get back on the machine all out for a minute and back to weight training.  The idea is to do a series of cardio and weight training back to back for 30-90 minutes.  I will tell you right now that 30 minutes of this concept was more than enough for me but I can see how I could work up to 60 and we’ll see about 90 that might put me into the chronic cardio group which I’m trying to stay out of.

Here is what I did just to give you an idea in case you want to try it.  I was at the gym early so it was quiet on a Saturday morning and a good time to do something like this.  I chose a treadmill at the end of the line and grabbed a stability ball, medicine ball and free weights.  I walked on the treadmill for 10 minutes to warm up and then up the tread mill up to a speed I could run at for minute. After my first minute I kept the treadmill going for 2 reasons.  First, I could keep track easier of how long this whole workout takes based on the minutes running and the minutes off the machine doing my reps. Second, I didn’t have to take time to adjust the speeds up and down during my transitions.  I would caution anyone that jumping on the rails of the treadmill can be dangerous and I certainly don’t want anyone to get hurt. 

OK the warm up is over, my first minute running was followed by 15 reps of squats, with weights back to the treadmill for a minute off for another round of squats. I did each exercise 3 times and anywhere from 15-25 reps depending on the exercise.  The next set was running for a minute and dead lifts for 15 reps with weights.  The set was running and roman dead lifts, running and lunges with weights, running and side leg lifts with weights, running and plie squats with weights, lastly was running and crunches on the stability ball, running and planks and finally running with bicycle crunches.  The treadmill was reading 40 minutes which mean my HIIT was 30 minutes so I used the last 20 minutes as just walking and cool down.  After 60 minutes I was done and on my way to Bikram.  If you noticed I only did lower body and abs.  The next time I do this I’ll do the same concept only I’ll focus on my upper body and nothing for the lower. The running kept my heart rate nice and high and the quick intensity weight training kept it right in the zone.  It was a good workout and the time went by very quickly. I think I enjoy these types of HIIT training sessions to slugging it out for long periods of time on the cardio machines.  Like most people I get bored on these machines unless I have a really great book to read but then I’m not really concentrating my workout and that puts me a zone but that is mindless exercising and most of my podcasts want us to be mindful in our exercise, mindful in eating, mindful in our relationships and mindful in our lives. 

This is  practice for most of us and I’m practicing.


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