Along with my PEM workouts I also did Cross Fit on Wednesday and our WOD was a series of 10 exercises done for 45 seconds at full blast and rest enough to move to the next station.  3 rounds later and about 40 minutes we were done but I was exhausted.  I’m learning that Cross Fit uses a board with the WOD on the board.  WOD = Workout of the Day.  Our trainer puts up the WOD the time allotted to accomplish and how long the whole training will take.

I will say that once the training begins there is very little talking.  First of all it is 5:30am and most people aren’t that talkative, but we are also really out of breath and moving through the sequence.  I find my exercise to be a bit more social than that in a group atmosphere but I’m learning to adjust.

The sequence she had us doing were cardio first with burpees and high knees, yuck on both.  Moving on to abs with a series of transfers, pike and crunches. On to legs with bench step-up and jump squats using TRX bands. Arms using a cross pull, pull-up machine and throwing a ball against the wall. Performing these exercises doesn’t seem like a big deal but performing them 3 times each at full throttle was exhausting.  I’m able to do it but I was really struggling in the 3rd round with the arms.  They were like jelly and although she says tire to fatigue does she mean tire to fall off?  One would have to guess yes.

Next week is our last week in the program I signed up for and I’m not sure how to precede going into September.  It would be a great time to totally concentrate on PEM training, walking, yoga and interval training but I might miss the group even in a quiet state. I have a week to decide where my fall exercise will land.

On Thursday morning that was technically my day off so I just woke up and went right to Bikram.  I didn’t do any other form of exercise that day.  I must say it is easier to adjust to days off than I originally thought it would. Good thing I don’t have too many of them in a week’s time.

A little bit of info on the diet, I’m finding it easier to plan my meals and filling my bowl or plate with lots of vegetables and then putting the protein around it.  I have also changed to eating HUGE salads in the morning for breakfast when I’m really hungry.  This morning I’m having chicken, greens, seeds and a whole bunch of different vegetables. As the day goes on I’ll have some eggs, cottage cheese, maybe some fruit, some more meat in there and maybe some nuts. My options are easy to choose from but the combo’s are unlimited.


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