In the Primal Blueprint Transformation and other Paleo related lifestyles the exercise regimen is very different.  Very light actually and they talk about “playing” more than exercising.  I can’t really tell you the last time I remember “playing” of course I have things I love to do so I’m changing the playing part of the exercise program into things like to do program.  There is a lot of time in the week spent doing things you really enjoy. This is good for me because I use my active time in a different way.  I was also thinking that these are really taking days off for me which I’m not use but trying to stick with the program.

Today my fun day or day off consisted of walking 90 minutes and doing Bikram for 90 minutes.  Some might not think that is a day off but these are truly things I enjoy.  I get to listen to podcasts for 90 minutes and that is great pleasure for me as well as I love to be in the Bikram studio as much as possible.  This will force me to find other things I really enjoy doing.  Maybe roller blading or paddle boarding might be fun to try.  Ok no on the paddle board that means climbing into cold water which is not going to happen but it was fun to dream for a millisecond.

Walking can really be one of the most beneficial types of “exercise” you can do.  It just takes putting one foot in front of the other, as fast or slow as you need to go and for any length of time you can handle.  If 15 minutes is your max than I say do it and if you can endure 120 minutes that is great too.  Walking is how I started finding my way to better health even while enduring MCTD and without walking I probably would have climbed inside my own head and never come out.  This was an outlet for me to release all kinds of things and really think about what it meant to me in a time when I didn’t really want to face the new me, the sick me, the weak me, the tired me and now I’ve grown into  the strong me, the healthy me, the fearless me, the supportive me, the generous me, the loving me and the proud me.

The Paleo lifestyle takes an approach to fitness that says come out of the rat wheel and start enjoying life, nature and having fun.  Yes I need to continue to weight train and yes I need interval training, sprinting and my Tabata workouts but I need those a lot less than I once thought I did.  Granted, my mind is not entirely wrapped around how less exercise is actually going to make me stronger but I am committed to this transformation period for 21 days and this is part of it.  As the 21 days progress I’m hoping for find that chronic cardio really isn’t necessary and that I can achieve my goals with less cardio, more weight training and lots more doing what I really love, yoga, walking, kayaking, and even some golf.


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