This is a 2 part blog because I want to tell you about my cross fit class this morning but I also started the 21 day primal blueprint transformation.  First up, cross fit, I arrived and there were 6 of us at class.  She was only taking 4 at a time so as the weeks went on and I did miss all of last week she decided to add to the group. This is OK by me because it just means the energy is better with more people. 5 women and 1 man. Way to go Mr. we need a little testosterone at 5:30am.

She gave us a WOD work out which I learned means Workout of the Day. It consisted of 25 squats, 25 push-ups, 25 lunges each leg and 25 crunches. You do as many rounds in 30 minutes as you can. The rounds to beat is 10 which happened  a couple of weeks ago when I wasn’t there. The group has already done this workout but I haven’t had the pleasure yet. You all know my nemesis is push-ups so I’m thinking if I can get through 6 rounds I’ll be doing great. If I only do 5 I won’t beat myself up about it.

The timer goes off and we start. Squats are no problem but the next is push-ups and although she won’t allow wall push-ups or ball push-ups she does allow knees.  First round of 25 push-ups not so shabby. Knock out the lunges and crunches in no time so I start round 2. I’m still worried about the push-ups but the 2nd round isn’t bad either and I knock out another round and on to 3 before I know it I’m at my 6 and still going strong.  My push-ups get slower and slower so I really push hard and fast through squats, lunges and crunches.  No problem on those exercises even the more I do them. Before I know it she says 30 seconds left and I’m finishing round 9. 10 was the rounds to beat and I was right there.  No one got over 10 but 3 finished 10 full rounds.  She said we would do it again in a couple weeks to see how we are progressing.  That class showed me how strong I’m getting and staying.  My MCTD is not taking my muscle this time and I believe because it is do to consistency and nutrition.

The 2nd part of my blog today is about Day 1 of the Primal Blueprint Transformation. Purging is the first thing on the list. Not my body but my fridge and pantry.  I must admit that I really started purging at the end of June when I knew that carbs and sugar were not my friends and started the Paleo Light diet of just not eating sweets, bread, pasta and rice.  I also share the house with a non-paleo but I do believe he is coming around to believing what he is seeing in me. With that said, he still wants this granola bars and cookies and I won’t be taking those away from him.

We went to camp for a week and we have to pack a lot of food and since everyone was carb eaters I just took all the cereal and cookies and crackers that my husband wouldn’t miss and knew it would get eaten up in the week. It did so I didn’t have any carbs to bring home.  I still have beans and some spaghetti sauce containing sugar in the cabinet that I can’t bring myself to get rid of.  This is the discomfort I’m feeling so my husband said to give it a week for my mind to adjust and we’ll donate the rest of the foods that we won’t eat.

We got back from camp this past weekend and had to go to the store to get groceries for the week and I made sure they were all real, whole foods with no sugars and carbs.  Actually there was nothing in any boxes, cans, jars or any other packaging that would need preservatives for shelf life.  When I was putting away the groceries the only thing that went in the pantry were bananas while everything else went in the fridge.  I did put some turkey burgers in a box in the freezer but made sure it was just turkey and nothing not real. I figured on days when I needed something fast I could grill one of those with lettuce and tomatoes and be all set.  Things are feeling good and I’m starting my transformation successfully.  However, if I hadn’t really started this process so long ago this would feel really uncomfortable because no one wants to throw away good food and I can’t say that I would have done it either.  I think it takes time to figure out what to do with the food and then replace the food.


3 thoughts on “WOD AND 1 STEP PRIMAL

  1. Jenny August 21, 2012 at 7:21 am Reply

    Wow this is wonderful news, you are really a strong woman despite you illness. Congratulations! You are giving me so much hope. I have always been training a lot, and since my diagnosis (and a huge, and long flare) I felt like I would never be able to “get back”. Thank you very much for sharing your progress! And good luck with your new diet, it might be a bit dificult in the beginning, but you will get there. I have always eaten whole foods all my life, I never buy anything that is fabricated, except the ocational hamburger, once every two months or so. However I must warn you about cutting to much carb when you are exercising. I did that for a while, but I noticed my training suffered a lot; it made me feel weak and really dizzy. So I started eating some carbs (no sugars) in moderation; but I eat them mostly in the morning, and never after 5 a clock in the afternoon. Anyway not everybody reacts like me, you might not have a problem cutting all carbs from your diet. Hang in there! P.S, I am sorry, my english is not so good, but it is because I am from Sweden. 🙂

    • mevsmctd August 21, 2012 at 4:15 pm Reply

      Jenny Wow from Sweden seems very far away. In regards to the carbs I think you are right and I am watching closely to make sure I can get through my workouts and post workouts without added fatigue. If I need to add some in I’m more than willing to do that.I want to stay as strong as possible. This is truly the first time in 9 years that I have felt strong and feel like I’m battling myself. I’m sorry you are in a long flare period but give it time and hopefully you will be feeling back to base line very soon.

      • Jenny August 21, 2012 at 7:20 pm

        Yes, Sweden might seem a bit far away, however I don’t live there, I live in Barcelona, Spain. Also far from the US though. haha Glad to hear you are beeing careful about your diet. Like you said; you don’t want to get weaker, you want to build-up your body, so that it is strong and healthy. No worries about my flare, I was only really bad for 4 months. Now I only have jointpain in the hands. But I can live with that, as long as my legs are working! Keep up the great work, and I am looking forward to reading how you are progressing!

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