One morning my husband and I got in our kayaks and entered a little cove on the lake we were staying.  Inside the cove were these pink lilies along with white and yellow ones as well.  We have been on many lakes and seen many white lilies but never the pink ones. They were delicate and beautiful so we went back to the get the camera and took a snap shot of this beautiful little flower.

As we explored the lake and the other coves on the lake we found that there was an abundance of these little flowers.  We just smiled to ourselves each time we saw them and were careful to get close enough to enjoy them but not disturb them.  How many others have stumbled upon them and taken in their beauty? Hopefully many but if not perhaps they will the next time they see one.

I know I will be on the look out for them now as we explore new lakes and put in our kayaks in different waters along the Maine coast. We have ventured on 3 new lakes this summer and this is the first time I have seen the pink lily but now that I’ll be looking for them I’m hoping to see more.


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