I wrote a blog but it did not post so I’ll try again.  I have been at camp now for 5 days and each day I head out to walk and on my way back this is the long road I walk back on.  My walks have been about 8 miles and each mile I’m able to just be with my own thoughts.  Today I was lacking some motivation therefore my walk was only 4 miles but in those 4 miles I realized how much I really enjoy walking.

I was even walking one day in light raining thinking how I wasn’t bothered by it at all.  As I’m out walking I’m thinking about how to incorporate more walking into my routine. When I get back from walking my husband always asks what I saw out on my walk and what I found remarkable about it.  Most days it has just been me and I haven’t seen much out and about.  I occasionally see other people and give a “good morning” to each other. I see a few dogs and some wild life but for the most part I’m just listening to my podcasts and thinking what a great life this is.

At camp we don’t worry about much if anything at all. Maybe what our next meal will be but nothing of any serious nature.  This is a great time to decompress and get back to nature.  Speaking of nature, after my walks I usually jump into my kayak and find my husband out on the lake fishing and hear about all he has been up to that morning also.  The camp life is simple and just what we need once a year.


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