Today is 90 days without a flare-up and I’m feeling good about those numbers.  It isn’t my longest time without a flare but I’m certainly on my way.  The tough thing is that I was in the Canada the last several days on business and I went on this trip thinking that eating Paleo would be so easy and I was able to tackle breakfast, lunch and dinner each day with new eyes but the truth is eating out is very difficult.  Eating out in general for me is so hard because I just don’t feel all that great after I eat out several meals.  Is it mental or is it real? Either way it does a number on my body.

Today my fatigue level is so high and although I haven’t flared I feel like I need to take 3 steps back and start over again.  Everyday is a new day and many times I feel the need to “start over”  today I’m making a point to get to Bikram even though I really would rather rest and nap but I think in the end my body will be happier in the heat detoxing and taking this time to start over. The fact that being gone from home was harder than I thought makes me a bit anxious for our vacation but we need vacation and we need to make sure that we keep living normally. My husband has grand ideas about eating out, having drinks and listening to live music, visiting our favorite ice cream parlors and yes he has thrown in some hiking and surely kayaking for me so I can keep moving.

I wasn’t able to keep moving while working in Canada this week but on vacation I can do whatever type of exercise I need.  I have beautiful places to walk and run, hike, kayak and now I have my Tabata workouts ready. If I can just make sure the food stays clean, wholesome, and on the lighter side I think the next week will go smoother than this last week. It has clicked for me that food is the major key to feeling good the majority of the time and knowing that means I need to be armed at all times with the foods I can and want to eat.  When out it is very hard and I’m not going to pretend it isn’t. The choices are  just in abundance and by the time we entered the restaurant I was starving which is also a downfall and makes it much harder to eat the right things.  I didn’t eat any breads or pasta but dessert was my biggest downfall.  I am human after all and I love dessert just like anyone but it doesn’t make me feel all that great the next day or for several days after.

On a good note I did have red wine each night and I wasn’t feeling like I had to worry about a flare.  Perhaps there are some benefits to red wine that I can turn to when I feel like I want a drink in social situations.  The wine was wonderful with dinner and with no side effects I felt like I could be social in that situation.

5 thoughts on “EATING OUT

  1. Autoimmune allie August 10, 2012 at 6:34 pm Reply

    That’s good news! Good for you. I have found that alcohol causes me to flare — or maybe it’s stress. I think I will be starting a journal soon so I can pin point exactly what it is that causes me to flare — because I am barely going days without a flare. The thought of going months seems like an unimaginable feat to me :/

    • mevsmctd August 10, 2012 at 7:08 pm Reply

      Journaling is such a good idea. I first started back in 2007 when my doctor and physical therapist kept asking me how long it had been since I flared and because I had good days and bad days I wasn’t sure exactly how I was feeling day to day. I started a journal on my laptop since my hands were so so swollen and stiff back then holding a pen was not working for me but I have always been able to type. I wrote how I was feeling and each day that wasn’t a flare and when I flare I go back to zero days and start over again. It is a process that has worked very well for me and now when someone asks me how long it has been the number comes immediately since I just wrote about it that day.
      On the subject of alcohol, I too have found myself in flare the day after engaging in a glass of white wine or a sugary drink of some sort but this week I was amongst the French Canadians who drink incredible amounts of red wine and I felt the need to be social. I was pleasantly surprised it worked out in my favor. However, this was a rare occasion and I will use this in social situations only.
      I hope you find some time to start your own journal and when you flare just know that is part of the process but then feel blessed when the days rack up without flares.

  2. Jennifer Hawley August 13, 2012 at 7:12 pm Reply

    I try to drink one glass of wine before bed every day its seems to help me- I sleep better so that is probably the answer. I am with you Allie I need to start a daily Journal too!

    • Autoimmune allie August 13, 2012 at 9:32 pm Reply

      I’m not a big wine drinker. It gives me horrible heartburn and hurts my shoulders (weird, I know). I had some vodka over the weekend and yup, next day my skin was crawling 😦 feels like restless leg syndrome all over my entire body!

      • mevsmctd August 14, 2012 at 10:24 am

        It is amazing how different things affect us but keeping notes of our triggers helps.R

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