Back to some diet discussion, more my discussion however I always encourage you write your thoughts if you have them and I post everything. After being hooked on Suzanne Somers and realizing that I really was feeling better and that I had stumbled on to something that could really work for me.  However, I keep hearing about this Paleo way of life and I’m curious but not so much so that I seek it out.  Until of course I download a podcast that is interviewing Mark Sisson the author of The Primal Blueprint. I listened to that podcast in its entirety and even listened the whole way through again.  I was completely hooked by this concept.  I downloaded the book to my e-reader and started reading.

I signed up for the news articles, downloaded the free e-books and recipes books and every day I would tell my husband a little bit more about it.  Spiked insulin levels triggering inflammation and how eliminating it could actually help my MCTD.  I have already seen benefits in my body from just adjusting when and where I ate my carbs so what would happen if I took them out completely?  I tried it and since I had already been removing sugar and other processed foods I didn’t have any cravings or headaches as they spoke about in the book but I was mentally having a hard time wrapping my head around eating meat, meat and more meat. I would eat meat maybe once a week or every other week.  Hardly ever back to back and never mind every day.

With Somersize I was using beans, as a carb for her rules, when I needed some protein and didn’t want to eat meat.  I also became a huge egg fan and eat them every day for breakfast.  I started cooking up extra fish and chicken to eat for my lunches and I was figuring out the concept.  The Primal lifestyle focuses on animal protein, lots and lots of vegetables, some fruit, nuts and seeds.  Peanuts are not a nut on the plan and dairy is ok in moderation when consumed in full fat flavors with no added sugars or processes.  My daily yogurt is gone.  I’m not saying yogurt isn’t good and doesn’t have benefits because it does but it has a lot of sugar and I’m working on eliminating the sugars.  Before you say eliminating anything from your diet is bad, at one time I would have agreed with you but I live my life by feeling the results.

If I feel the results and believe something good is happening from it I’m all in 100% I feel like my life depends on it.  It has been a long time since I could honestly say I felt something different.  I have always had good days, great days or really bad days but I couldn’t pinpoint exact reasons for why things were happening.  Have the stars aligned and it is just a wacky coincidence that my body isn’t feeling stiff or sore? Maybe, but I tend to believe it is because my body is using and producing food and fuel different.  Suzanne made a comment that you wouldn’t put any old oil in your Maserati but somehow we don’t take care of our bodies as well as we take care of our cars.  I have had many cars but I have only had one body so this Maserati is getting the best of the best.

I just listened to this podcast on Omega 6 vs. Omega 3 and when I was trying to explain it to my husband he said give me the reader’s digest version.  Omega 6 inflames the body; omega 3 puts out the fires. Easy enough?  It was for him and now we are working on increasing our Omega 3.  Where we would eat salmon once every couple of weeks it is now a weekly staple.  I have swapped out my peanut butter with almond butter and I enjoy the taste much more.  I’m cooking a lot more in the crock-pot because some of these meat dishes can take a while to cook and I didn’t gain anytime changing my diet so I had to come up with new ways of cooking.  I have completely switched to cooking with coconut oil and now my kitchen smells like summer time all the time.

These may sound like dramatic changes but the way I feel is pretty dramatic also. Will I ever splurge and eat something not primal again? Of course I will, in fact I’m betting on it when my husband and I are on vacation soon that I will indulge in ice cream and yes even a little alcohol but I know what can happen and I pick and choose my times carefully.



  1. Jennifer Hawley August 9, 2012 at 12:42 pm Reply

    Thank you for the blog it is my inspiration…I was just recently diagnosed with MCTD and instatly my thoughts are how am I going to beat this! I am working slowly with my diet changes and for me I know gluten is a huge trigger. I also know that yoga is a healing aspect in my life but have not felt capable lately…the amazing thing is once I got the diagnosis I felt freedom to fix it before I just felt horrible and thought I was being lazy or sickly. This is all so new and I am just started to have a little energy from the meds, Plaquenil seems to be a god send and the giving up gluten has helped so I see yoga back in my life soon…don’t get me wrong I still will mow the lawn play volleyball with my daughter and do anything thing I can on my good days. Now it is working toward lots of good days and a few movie couch days here and there. Thank you again you are my new morning routine.

    • mevsmctd August 10, 2012 at 11:04 am Reply

      Thank you for taking time to read my blog.
      I know you will have tough days but just making small changes and taking tiny steps will go along way in your journey.
      Diet and yoga are perfect ways to start.
      Good luck to you

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