This is a follow up to my blog about the calories I burned by wearing my heart rate monitor and a very smart young lady wrote to me to share her thoughts and what she just learned in medical school on this subject.  She said I could share the info with all of you so in case you were wondering what your calorie intake should be.


Something interesting about how many calories you burn in a day just by doing nothing. We learned about this in class a few months ago. this is called your Basal Metabolic Rate (abbreviated BMR) and it is how many calories your body burns through basic functions to keep you alive, like at the cellular level, and it actually has very little to do with your heart rate, surprisingly! It depends more on your height, weight, age, and if you are male/female. You can calculate your BMR online, like at this website:
then, when you calculate the number of calories burned through activity like exercise, you use your heart rate. it’s almost like anything burned above and beyond the BMR is through heart rate (b/c this is the # calories needed to pump blood to your body while you’re active) but using your heart rate to calculate your basal metabolic rate isn’t very accurate and will give you an inflated high number, because your BMR is based more on your tissues/cells/etc.


I went to the website and plugged in my information. It turns out my body needs 1300 just to stay alive which is really what I thought before I started the experiment, but then when I exercise and use my heart rate monitor those calories are above and beyond what I can take in to maintain my current weight or create a deficit if I want to lose weight.  I knew I couldn’t physically eat 3k+ calories nor did I want to but I wasn’t sure how the numbers worked.  Now I know.  Thank you sister of mine!


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