Yesterday was the official day for my new challenge since I was still finishing up my other challenge first.  Saturday is typically long walk day however since I have to start my workout so early it was too dark to walk outside.  I decided to mix it up with some Leslie Sansone, this is my indoor walking program and throw in Tabata’s after each mile. I thought this would be good interval training and I was right. Just to recap Tabata’s are high intensity for 20 seconds, rest 10 seconds and repeat 8 times for a total of 4 minutes. A full session is 8 rounds at 4min and session complete after 32 minutes.  I incorporated 1 mile walks with Tabata intervals.  It took 2 hours with a total of 6 miles and 8 Tabata intervals.  My routine looked like this.

1 Mile walk – Tabata = pushups, upright rows, squats, and plank (repeat)

2 Mile – Tabata – squats with shoulder press, right lunge arms lift straight out, left lunge arms life out to sides, squats with tricep kick backs (repeat)

3 Mile – another Tabata session and so on for 6 miles and 8 Tabatas.

You can literally formulate any type of Tabata session you want and with so many options it is a forever type of workout.

Just to be clear I use Leslie as a DVD to watch and at the end of my mile I pause here and hit play on my I-Pod for my Tabata training music. The music cues you when to start and when to rest.  It then tells you when to stop so at that point I could go back to Leslie and hit play for another mile.  The concept worked really well for me.  I clocked 2 hours of exercise with a total of 6 miles and 8 quick bursts.  I incorporated some light weights since I did my big weight training last night and will try and space these types of works out a little further so I’m not picking up weights back to back but I’m still trying to get my routine down.  Let’s also not forget I need to get in some Bikram in there too which I’m was lucky enough to do today. 

Have I decided to take on too many different styles of exercise? Maybe but I’ll find the right balance I if I can get in walking, weight training, quick bursts, sprints and yoga into a week that is pretty balanced.  Sounds overwhelming but truly is balanced as it has all the elements and walking really is used as my recovery now not so much for heart pound exercise.


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