Yesterday was the end of one challenge but today I embark on my August challenge.  I don’t usually do back to back challenges but I cannot resist since I feel so good coming off my July and want to keep feeling just as good the next month. As far as my full body weight training I didn’t get a chance to hit my body blast class in the morning so I had to make a trip to the gym on my way home last night.

Hitting the gym at 5pm is difficult for many reasons; I’m exhausted especially on a Friday night, the gym is packed even on a Friday which I’m surprised about, and I have to share equipment.  Ok whiney aside, I was able to find a corner, grab my weights and a do a full body exercise.  I made sure to really push my shoulders more this time around to ensure that they keep growing and developing. When I show up to my Cross Fit class on Monday I want her to know I’m taking my shoulder strength seriously. 

Coming off of July I feel really strong and I have lost weight although I’m trying to not lose too much but just lose the middle section.  It is gone honestly so I need to tighten everything up and looked defined without getting smaller.  I know it can be done and I have the wherewithal to do it.

Up next August Challenge which will consist of my Cross Fit training on Monday and Wednesday.  I will continue my Friday Body Blast class and I’m throwing in a weekly Tabata training session separate from my sprints.  I can use the Tabata method for my sprints but I’m considering these two different workout sessions.  I have downloaded Tabata specific music to help with my training.  My first Tabata training was this morning and I’ll write all about it very soon.


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