Next on the list of my reads was Suzanne Somers, hate her or love her, she is successful with all the press she gets.  Again, I was listening to my favorite Jillian Michael’s Daily Dose podcast and she interviewed Suzanne Somers.  This vibrant 65 year old woman had me totally intrigued.  I liked her philosophy and ideas about health, fitness, and life in general.  I’m nowhere near 65 but I will be someday and why not start preparing now. She even made a comment that we prepare for a vacation, we prepare for retirement but we somehow forget to prepare to get older.

I looked her up at the library and this woman has a large amount of books so where to begin? Right at the beginning so I started with “Eat, Cheat and Melt Fat Away” ok these were things I liked hearing.  I actually took my chair down to the beach and sat and read that book for many chapters.  I knew I was hooked on this I just had to figure out how to start incorporating into my life.

Her philosophy in a nutshell is the following; eat fruit on an empty stomach, eat your protein and fats together with vegetables, eat your carbs with vegetables but don’t eat your proteins and carbs together.  I understand the concept but why was my question. She answered in a way I could completely understand.  We need to keep our insulin levels steady and when we do produce insulin we want to make sure we can burn the carbs so if you eat proteins with carbs your body burns the proteins but stores the carbs as fat. Also, carbs are like sugar and trigger insulin.  She wasn’t asking me to give up anything just change the way I ate and mixed my food.

I work out every morning on a fasting stomach so right after my workout I had my fruit and then I didn’t think about fruit again all day.  Any carb meals I had were for breakfast or morning snack and lunch and dinner were protein/fats and veges.  I started this type of eating at the beginning of July.  She is a huge stickler on sugar and eliminating it as well as no ingredients you cannot pronounce.  The problem with this book were there were some funky foods that she wasn’t sure where to put them so she said eliminate them such as peanut butter and avocados.  Funky and delicious so they needed to stay in my diet I just had to figure out where.

In the meantime I got a couple of other books and wouldn’t you know the funky foods weren’t so funky after all and eat up was the word on the street.  She had come around and even said her books are journeys and she learns things all the time and modifies.  She got pretty particular in later books about organic, no chemicals or toxins and still no SUGAR.  Where have I heard that before except with my physical therapist who said no sugar when I was first diagnosed. The problem is everything has sugar, try finding bread that doesn’t have sugar or a salad dressing, all sugar.

The truth was after about 2 weeks I was really feeling better and I was losing weight.  I was having a hard time finding carbs that didn’t have sugar or that weren’t using refined flours.  So by week 3 I had dropped the carbs except for shredded wheat with almond milk although she would really like me to use whole milk.  Her recipes call for butter, cream, eggs, all types of meats and cheeses.  I know what you are thinking it is just Atkins diet. No it isn’t because fruits and vegetables are a must.  I have become a wizard in the kitchen whipping up all kinds of new recipes especially since I cannot just open up a box or bag of something and I’m not going to just eat salads for the rest of my days.

My husband could tell I was feeling better and as we were sitting out on our deck one day he said that he remembers me feeling my best when I wasn’t eating sugar.  How he can remember back that far is beyond me but he is right. I do remember feeling very good when I had eliminated sugar 9 years ago.  Perhaps I had found the issue, this led me to explore my options even more and see what else was out there and yes I found even more.  However before I get to that I will also tell you that since I have eliminated sugars, refined carbs and processed foods the stiffness in my hands has gone away.  The swelling is way down.  I wake up and get out of bed without any soreness in my hips or hands.  I have been able to successfully drop to 3mg of Plaguenil without increasing my prednisone and my fatigue has decreased considerably.  Time will still tell if this is my long term solution but I certainly cannot deny the benefits as of right now.


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