This is my last week of my challenge but I realize it is not the last of my weight training.  I have been feeling so good during this last month that I have committed to continuing with my weight training and modifying it some more.  More to follow about my August challenges but first I must finish what I start and I’m still on the last leg of this challenge.

Today was my lower body training session.  I actually increased all my weights and reps and added 5 more minutes for some intense plank workouts at the end.  My squat form is looking so much better and my lunges are making me feel like a rock star.  Speaking of rock star I also did 6 real push-ups on my knees after my Bikram class on Sunday.  That right there tells me I’m creating progress as slow as it might be the progress is there and quite frankly I don’t have a deadline to meet so there really isn’t any rush.

Now as far as my Bikram practice goes that is a bit lackluster.  I haven’t been able to find classes to get into that have worked for this week and if I go to a Bikram practice once a week that is not enough.  My body has to adjust to the heat and humidity all over again.  I feel frustrated because it feels like I’m starting all over again and yes I virtually am when I grab my Bikram mat on Sunday morning only.  This week I will try to find 1 or 2 more classes to attend and work on keeping a strong Bikram practice.

The worst thing I can do is get frustrated so I stayed in savassanna longer than usual and just thanked my body for what it has been doing and what it can do.  Being frustrate is not the answer and really gets me nowhere fast.  Realizing the good things and appreciating my new accomplishments will get me further in this game of life.


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