I hear all the time, “calories in, calories out equals weight loss” but ever wonder how many calories you actually burn in a 24 hour period? I wanted to know for myself.  I have estimates from my fitbit.com and other websites like livestrong.com but I was curious as to what the actual was.  I decided to wear my heart rate monitor for 24 hours and see what it had to say.

I needed to pick a time when I was low key and not running around too much because I wanted an accurate account of a my calorie burn without the help of intensive exercise.  I also didn’t want to run around work with my heart rate monitor on all day so

Friday night when I got home I strapped it on and started the clock.  I wore it all night and no it is not very comfortable but it is only 1 day. I wore it all day on Saturday until 6pm that night.  A full 24 hours later I had my number.  My exercise during the day was a nice walk but my heart rate didn’t raise very much and I took a nap.  This way I know what I burn on a very light resting day and when I workout hard or go to the Bikram then I know I’m burning even more. 

The thing that wearing my monitor showed me was that I’m not taking in nearly enough calories.  As a woman I have this idea that 1400-1600 is a good amount of calories to take in but really I burn way more than that resting and sleeping. I burned 2800 to be exact doing hardly anything.  On days that I workout hard or multiple times I will be burning even more calories if I had to guess I bet I would burn up to another 1000 calories. 

I understand basic math and I understand the concept of calories in and calories out but what I don’t understand is do I really take back in all those calories? How would I actually consume them?  Do I need them all?  I do believe I need more but now my search begins to find out how much.

I have starting point so when I’m tracking I can take in some more calories and perhaps that will also assist in my muscle definition. I’m working hard on toning and creating more muscle mass. My thought is that if I eat more and especially proteins that I might be able to increase and hold on to my new found muscles. 

With MCTD our immune systems fight against us and take our muscle mass making our bodies feel weak and rapidly decreasing or muscles even with relatively hard work.  I have fought wanting muscles against not having them for 9 years now. I have worked with trainers and tried to do it on my own.  Now I’m wondering if maybe I was sabotaging myself by keeping my body in deprivation.  The following weeks will guide me one way or the other.


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