Today I completed day 9 of my weight training challenge by going to my Body Blast full body weight training class. I didn’t really follow the rules today because I wanted to try some sprints only had time to do them before my weight training class.  Therefore, I did cardio before weight training today. I know this is not ideal but it was the only way I was going to be able to do my interval training today.  I knew I would be my strongest in the morning so I went ahead and broke the rules.

I started at a walk for a few minutes, took it into a jog for a few minutes and jumped on the rails of the treadmill, turned up the speed as I high as I felt comfortable without falling and jumped on the belt to sprint as hard as I could until I couldn’t breathe and jumped on the rail again, rested 15 seconds and did it again. I completed this session for 3.0 minutes and then took the machine to 4.5 to recover completely and did the session again.  I ended the 30 minute session with 5 minutes of recovery walking at 4.0 and called it done.  My legs were tired and I knew my weight training would fatigue them even more but I’m doing this all in the name of conditioning.

I truly do feel stronger and sprinting like that was really empowering. I didn’t even know if I could sprint or if I would fall down and break something but I really wanted to try it.  I will do it again very soon and it makes the 30 minutes fly by literally.


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