Today I completed day 8 of my weight training challenge.  I headed right into the weight room and did my upper body work.  I’m getting stronger and did 3 real push-ups on my knees but they were real in the sense to the floor and pushing back up.  This is an accomplishment for me that I’ll share with you.  Most people would be embarrassed to say they can only do 3 pushups but I feel like I’m making progress.  I can be in downward facing dogs for 8 minutes or longer but the lowering and pushing back up really takes a toll on my shoulders and I’m not there yet but I’m working on it.

After I finished my weight training I went to my morning fusion class which is a combo of cardio, weight training, and yoga.  The weight training part I took it easy because I had already done my more intensive weight training and I’m not looking to overdo anything just gain strength at a normal pace and keep my new strength. The yoga part felt good and I’m really looking forward to getting back into the Bikram studio tomorrow morning. It has been since Sunday and that is too long for me to go between practices.

For my MCTD readers because I have been feeling stronger lately and I’m at 70+ days without a flare I have decreased my plaquenil at the recommendation of my doctor to 3mg from 4mg.  This is not a big jump but the first jump I have made in 9 years.  He had recommended that when I feel up to it to try decreasing my plaquenil. I wanted my diet to be good, my weight training to be consistent without flares and pick a time when I’m less stressed.  Put all those things together and now was the time to try.  I’m only 3 days in and he said I will be able to tell if I can stay at 3mg after about 3 weeks or if I have to go back to 4mg.  Or, if I have problems I can stay at 3mg plaquenil and up my prednisone to 6 or 7mg but you all know I’m not doing that. I’m desperate to get to 4.5mg of prednisone never mind going up.  Our bodies dictate what we need and I’m hoping my body says ok to the weight training and good diet and decides it doesn’t really need so much prescription meds going forward.

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