I’m half way through my challenge as of today. I have done 2 weeks of weight training 3 days a week and I have 2 more weeks left.  The first observation I want to make before I talk about my training today is that I have not flared.  In the back of my mind I have been waiting for the flare-up to come as my muscles heal and I have had nothing. No sore throat, no added soreness no added stiffness no chills and no other flare like symptoms.  If nothing else I feel like I have accomplished a lot in the last weeks with that alone.

The other observation I made is that pushups are my ultimate downfall.  It seems that every class I attend every instructor wants to do pushups and I try.  Oh how I try, I try on my knees, I try just doing 1 real pushup, but it seems that I get this pain in my shoulder and elbows all the time.  I had one trainer that advised I do them on the ball until I get stronger. Ok, how long does that take? I have been doing pushups on the ball now for a long time and honestly nothing hurts but I get off the ball and it all falls apart. I did observe today that I’m getting some real definition in my quads, biceps and upper back.  Now that is progress!

Day 6 of my challenge was my full body workout and went to my Body Blast class again.  We used dumbbells, free weights, and boat load of pushups and other body resistance as our training tools.  The hour goes by so fast and I realized today what the concept of the class is all about.  We work each muscle group for 4 minutes using low weight, high repetition, fast paced to really fatigue that muscle to the fullest.  After I thought about it I was incredible anxious when I thought about working my shoulders for 4 minutes.  I get anxious doing 8 reps of something with these shoulders but I also have to remember that no matter what people are doing around me I must do what works best for me.  The class was great, I was feeling stronger, and looking forward to next week’s weight training schedule.

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