First let me say that on Saturday before I went for my kayaking excursion I walked 8.6 miles. My goal was to go 10 but my body was getting tired so I’ll reach that separate goal another day.  No Bikram on Saturday as it was way too nice to be in a hot studio.  On Sunday I was so sore from my walk that Bikram felt good, the room was 106 the outside temp was 93 and needless to say I had a hard time cooling down on Sunday but lake water always helps.

This morning I woke up and my legs were still feeling fatigued but it is my lower body weight training day so to my chagrin I got up and headed to the gym. I did just a few minutes of cardio as to not even more fatigue my legs and hit it hard with the weights.  I got all the lower body muscles done in 35 minutes and then I just walked at a very leisurely pace for 60 minutes after to try and stretch everything out again.  Tomorrow I will go to Bikram in the morning and that should further help to stretch everything out.  I could really feel the effects of fatigue so my whole “work to fatigue” didn’t work out today. Instead I counted out reps and sets to ensure I worked everything to the max and when I was done things were good.

The rest of the day I can feel the fatigue while going up stairs but normal walking is fine. I had a nice walk outside at lunch today that took about 60 minutes and clocked just less than 3 miles so I was walking pretty easily.  I’m feeling good about my challenge 4 days in.


One thought on “CHALLENGE DAY 4

  1. sweatChronicles July 16, 2012 at 9:05 pm Reply

    I love bikrams! way to go!

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