Today was my full body weight training day.  I found a body blast class that I attended this morning to fulfill my day 3 challenge.  My Friday morning usually starts with my typically elliptical workout and then my 90 minute Bikram practice.  As you can imagine my Friday mornings start in a pretty calm manner.  This morning I went to the gym and at 4am on all mornings there is music but very few people and still a calm environment.

With my challenge I committed to 30 minutes for weight training so I can still do my other things that I also enjoy but today I committed to the 60 minute body blast class at 6am. I still got to the gym much early then my class started so I could do some cardio and get in a 60 minute workout which is my coffee and gets me moving.  After my cardio I started seeing people show up for the class and decided I would follow suit with what they did.  I have taken body blast classes in the past but it has been a while. I was pleasantly surprised to see the equipment was the same so I grabbed my step, 2 barbells, 1 heavy and 1 lighter, many different size hand weights, and a mat.  I was ready and in comes the instructor hooping and hollering at 6am. I was a little taken back but it got a little worse when the music was blaring loud in a hip hop tone.  I love this kind of music and atmosphere at 6pm but 6am I like a little lighter atmosphere  I was there and I was committed so I got myself mentally prepared.

For 60 minutes we worked our entire body and at the end I felt feeling great.  I have committed to keep doing this class because it is my best way of getting my full body weight training in once a week which is what I need.  I’ll do my weight training on Monday and Wednesday by myself and keep Friday for my group.  This also allows me to still get in 4 Bikram classes a week during the summer and still get my adequate amount of cardio that I think I need also. 

I have completed 3 days and next week will be a new week and hopefully just as successful.


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