Yesterday was day 2 of my weight training challenge and I was focusing on my upper body.  I took a few minutes to get my gear together which included a step, stability ball, mat, several different size hand weights and 2 barbells one with 5 pounds each side and 1 10 each side.  I then started training to fatigue but the first round I noticed my elbows were getting sore before my muscles actually fatigued.  I went back to counting out reps and sets so take pressure off the small joint areas but bumped up to higher weight and did fewer reps and after 35 minutes I was done with my training.  The whole thing start to finish with getting gear and putting it away about 40 minutes. I can live with that.

My legs were tired so I did less cardio which was better and walked as much as I could during the day to loosen things up.

When I woke this morning my legs were fine but my upper body was pretty sore.  I went to Bikram but as you know there isn’t a lot of arm work in Bikram therefore I didn’t get a chance to really stretch out. I stayed after class in the heat and did my own upper body stretches to relieve some of the soreness.  Now tomorrow is my fully body weight training and I found a body blast class first thing in the morning so I’ll try that and being reporting back.


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