This morning when I woke up my legs did not hurt but they were certainly tight. I knew I had worked them yesterday and although the next day isn’t usually the worst day for me it is the 2nd day after that I can really feel it.  This morning I woke feeling tight all over on my lower half.  I always start by doing some cardio first thing to loosen up and chose the treadmill this morning for a leisurely walk.  I didn’t do anything too vigorous and I only chose to walk for a very short amount of time.  What my brain really wanted was to be in the Bikram studio and so that is where I headed.  The warmth felt great but any postures that involved stretching out the hamstrings and legs were pretty intense.  By the end of the practice I was much looser then when I walked in there and today I will focus on walking around as much as possible. If I sit I fear I may not get up.

These moments are the ones that make me get back into full swing cardio and say weight training can wait but not now it can’t. I have a challenge and I have to mentally gear up to do my upper body tomorrow morning.


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