It is totally amazing to me that we are starting a new month today. This year is flying by and now is the time when I wish it would slow way down.  I love summer and I love the warm weather.  My husband and I have been out kayaking and while fishes I ride along next to him reading.  It is so glorious and the weather has really been exactly what I need.

My husband gets up early and heads out so I didn’t go to Bikram until this morning and I just told him to get started without me and I would meet him out there after my Bikram. I don’t like missing my Bikram practices although I don’t mind it once and a while.  After my sweaty time I got cleaned up and met him at the lake with lunch. It really worked out so well.  I hope we have many more of these days to come.

While we were out kayaking we were doing our normal talking about pretty much everything and it came up that I was 50 days without a flare-up. This doesn’t seem like a long time but I have been feeling so good that it actually feels longer to me.  When I feel really well time seems to move by even quicker.  Life in general moves really fast but when I’m at my peak it seems to move even faster. Perhaps I’m moving fast and  I need to slow down.  Isn’t life about finding the slow down times and really enjoying them?


2 thoughts on “WHERE IS THE TIME GOING

  1. Missy July 3, 2012 at 5:15 am Reply

    Hi Nicole,
    I’m not sure where my first post is. I just found your site and was trying to read as much as possible. I may have posted on an older date. Anyway, I am 43 and diagnosed with mctd. This diagnosis is only about a year old. I had only arthritis symptoms for years so originally was diagnosed with RA. I now have other symptoms and Raynauds. I have a TREMENDOUS amount of stress happening in my life and my hair started falling out a few months ago. Talk about more stress…..your hair falling out is not fun. The fear of what else is to come sent me searching on the Internet. I feel so blessed to have found this. I am back to exercising to try to help with the stress and of course to feel better. I ran three days this week! I hope to connect with others on here and share anything I find helpful. I am willing to chat with anyone that reads this and battles this. I have a lot more reading to do but feel certain I will read every posting.

    • mevsmctd July 3, 2012 at 12:17 pm Reply

      Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I completely understand what that kind of stress feels like and how it can trigger our flare-ups. It is very easy to say let stress go but extremely hard to actually do it. With MCTD there are so many different symptoms from joint pain, to swelling, and Raynaud’s so although we may all have different symptoms we all share in the emotional challenges. I hope you find some helpful information here and of course if you have information to share please do so. We all learn from each other.


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