I have listened to many hours of Dr. Fitness and the fat guy and although I really enjoy the subjects they speak about and the information they give this is just for entertainment purposes.  I knew that when I started but because I blogged about it and some of you might check it out I must be clear that I don’t even know if he is a real doctor and his show is just for my entertainment. 

This became very clear to me yesterday when I listened to the show that Dr. Fitness went to his first “Bikram” class.  I was very excited to hear about his experience and as soon as he started saying he was at the gym running and after he finished he grabbed his towel and went to the yoga room.  Therefore, he is still at the gym so I’m already skeptical at this point.  He says as he enters, it is hot and they have turned up the heat in the room.  Instantly I realize this is not a Bikram studio but I’m still interested and then he continues to talk about his Bikram experience and referring to it as Bikram but then he talks about his downward facing dog and how hard it was.  At that moment it was very clear he was in a hot yoga or hot vinyasa class not a Bikram class but clearly he just associates all hot yoga with Bikram.

Bikram is a specific yoga made up of 26 postures and never have I done downward facing dog in Bikram.  In fact I have read a few books, seen interviews and read articles about Bikram and he never mentions flow yoga or downward facing dog.  Now I’m thrilled Dr. Fitness tried something for the first time I was just disappointed he didn’t know where and what he was actually doing.  Yoga in any form is wonderful but I just expect someone with a radio show to be more informed. 

I will continue to listen but he has lost a little face with me and I’ll be careful to believe everything I hear from him but I was using him as entertainment only and he is a great way to pass the time during my commute and my exercising. I find podcast to be just as entertaining as reading and blogging.


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