There have been so many new faces in the gym and especially in the Bikram studio.  This morning at the studio there were 4 new faces.  Is there a trend happening here?  Are people trying new things? Are people now starting to think about summer fitness?  I’m wondering what is bringing new people out to the gyms and studios right now.  Perhaps they are now getting bathing suit ready as we enter into July.  I enjoy seeing the new faces.

I’m always intrigued when I see the young kids and I mean in their early 20’s because they are kids to me.  I’m in intrigued when I see them come into the Bikram studio and I wonder what brought them there.  Did they hear about it from someone, did they see something about it in a magazine or on the internet? I’m curious so I asked a couple of kids this morning that were brand new to the program and they were all young men that wanted to try a different form of exercise.

A couple of them stayed the course and got through the workout, one had to leave when we hit the floor because he just couldn’t take it anymore and another left half way during the floor exercises probably because his friend had left so it gave him a way out too.  I don’t know if they will be back but I certainly hope for them they decide to try it again.  Only trying Bikram once isn’t enough. You can’t really determine if you like something like Bikram after only 1 time.


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