I have written many times about how much I enjoy reading and I certainly blog when I read something worthwhile.  Well now I have a new hobby.  I wrote a few days ago that I have been logging a lot of steps now that I’m able to walk all the time and being outside now.  I put my music on and head out the door for about 1.5 – 2 hours walking and enjoying myself.  After several days my music was getting old and I was missing being on an elliptical because I wasn’t able to read.  I bet you think the next sentence is that I found audio books, nope.  I was mildly complaining about just listening to music so my husband suggested I download a podcast.

I must admit I’m kind of new with all this technology smart phone stuff but I get around relatively well.  I asked what kind of podcast would be good for me to try.  Do you realize there are billions upon billions of different podcasts? I’m sure you all do, but I didn’t know this.  I started to do some research and thought that a good health and fitness podcast would be fun for me to listen to during my walks. I found one that I will share with all of you.  Dr. Fitness and the fat guy which is a radio show but also has free downloads and they talk about everything.  They have a wonder mom on the show Kari who I really enjoy her stories and they bring some good interviews on as well to tell their stories.  I’m totally addicted now. Not only am I listening when I walk but I have plugged into my docking station so I can listen for an hour or two while I’m working.  It is very clean so I don’t need to worry about people coming into my office and hearing anything they shouldn’t.  I have literally found hours of great fun. Everyone has a podcast and I can’t wait to look up some other favorite authors, radio hosts, fitness gurus and yoga gurus to listen to them as well.

Today I was listening to a woman who US air said was too fat to fly not once but twice.  Agree or disagree with the content either way it is light, fun, informative, and passes the time nicely if you need a little more than nature sounds or music.


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